Get Better Results With A Clear Mind

Entrepreneur’s lifestyle

Entrepreneurs Need To Be Hands On

Entrepreneurs juggling between career, family and ME time can be tough. An entrepreneur’s lifestyle is not easy and we need to be hands on. Through this, we will learn, understand and be familiar with the nature of our own business. So, how can we get better results with a clear mind?

Having said that, many entrepreneurs would encounter:

  • Eating at irregular times.
  • Skipping breakfast.
  • Lack of quality sleep or cannot sleep.
  • Not exercising.
  • Stress, demotivated and tired.
  • Loss of focus.
  • Disagreement with our family and friends.
  • Juggling too many tasks on hand.

Get Better Results With A Clear Mind

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We tend to lose our productivity with a clouded mind. Daily noises from our environment, getting upset with things beyond our control will drain our energy and stressed us out. Especially when it comes to petty stuff and micro-managing our daily business operations. Many entrepreneurs fall into this trap of ‘one-man-show.’ Once we are immersed in our busy schedule, it’s easy for us to lose our focus and directions.

How do you ease and declutter your mind to boost productivity? Here are few simple ways which may help you to remain calm and get better results with a clear mind.

Multi-tasking is not working!

Concentrate on a single task to improve work quality
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Forget about multi-tasking, now! Successful entrepreneurs only focus on one task at a time. What’s worst, multi-tasking will reduce your work quality! Allocate your time management for each task, complete those tasks which are your least favourite and enjoy doing what you like best in the end.

We can only manage a certain task with a given period, so never be afraid to ask for help. To be successful, we must learn to delegate. Delegating petty tasks will improve your productivity so you can focus on the bigger and important task(s). Multi-tasking tends to drain your energy faster as it requires double or triple effort.

Go according to your own pace

Slow or Fast, go within your pace
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Find a schedule and timeline that you are comfortable with. Even though it’s just small baby steps. Once you have managed your pace, the rest will flow in naturally. Never rush things as it’ll make you feel agitated and angry.  Going with a pace of your own will give you confidence, patience, and in-depth on how you may achieve it your goals. Indirectly, you will be able to forecast how many tasks you may complete within a time frame.

Get enough of sunshine

Sunshine Does Beat The Blues Away

Stress management is never easy, managing your daily business operations can drive any entrepreneur nuts! But going outdoors may help you to control anxiety, stress and depression.

Sunlight helps our brain to release serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone which is released by our brain once we are exposed to sunlight. This hormone keeps us calm, focused and increases our feel good mood! 

Sunlight is another source of natural Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps our body to fight against cold and depression. It’s good for us to go out for lunches, having a stroll in the park, or just go and grab a coffee while you are heading to your office. Just remember to put on your sunscreen so you’ll get better results with a clear mind with some sunshine!

Go for breaks

Do Something That You Like Every Once In A While

Getting a break does not mean breaking your pocket! Plan out something which you like to do. Take time off and do what makes you happy. Simple things which may trigger you with a happy moment or thoughts will energise, motivates and inspire you. Why not try:

  • Watching a movie or cartoon.
  • Drawing or colouring.
  • Reading your favourite books, comics, articles or motivational quotes.
  • Listening to music.
  • Get moving like dancing or exercising.
  • Meditate or be alone in a quiet place.
  • Just do nothing and let your mind go blank.

Few moments from doing these simple things will improve your mood. Go for a break of 10 to 20 minutes and you’ll be surprised how refreshing it’ll turn out!

It’s also advisable to get up and walk around and stretch after 45 minutes to an hour of sitting. Sitting too long will cause your metabolism rate to drop, slows down your blood flow, bad posture, weaken your muscles, and more. In the end, making you feel sluggish, tired, and linked up to many health related problems like shoulder, neck, and lower back pain.

Fuel Away!

Fruits Are Loaded With Vitamins, Minerals and Water Content Which Helps To Keep Hunger At Bay
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Not all types of snacks fall into the sinful category. We need to eat if we need to be productive. Just like a car needs petrol to move. Our body needs nutrients to keep itself functioning. Many of us have the guilty pleasures of skipping breakfast. After skipping a meal, our body tends to go into ‘hibernation’ mode as to save as much fuel as possible. This is a natural reaction as our body does not know when it’ll get to eat. This is why we felt sluggish, tired and agitated easily.

Keep some snacks at hand so you may munch on something before lunch time. Snacks on nuts, dried or fresh fruits, yoghurt, or cereal to give a boost of energy. Choose the unsalted ones for a healthier reason. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, Brazil and macadamia nuts are loaded with good fats, protein, magnesium and iron which are a great source of energy.

Have fun and mix the nuts with fresh fruits. However, dried fruits may have a higher level of sugar and salt content. Yoghurt and cereal are a good choice as well, but check out on their sugar level. These healthy snacks will give you sufficient energy to last through the day.

Get motivated

Beautiful Yet Powerful Quotes From Cartoons
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It’s never too hard to find motivation and inspiration. Once you are stuck with a task, just give yourself a breather. Walk away from your task or situation to clear your mind. Forcing your way through to complete a task can jeopardise it. Same goes if you are stuck in a difficult situation. Give yourself some space and soon enough you’ll get ideas on how to solve your problems.

Try to ease your mind by reading motivational quotes or watch cartoons. Many cartoons are filled with great quotes and laughter which will boost your motivation!

Solitude is your new best friend

Get Some Time Alone To Harvest Creativity
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Being alone is not a sign of weaknesses. Successful people get inspiration when they are alone. Eliminating the daily pressures, noises, distractions will motivate you to perform better. Solitude able to give you space, quietness to think, be creative, and most importantly, freedom!

Getting enough of ME time is important. We have a habit of giving priority to our careers, studies, family, businesses, but never to ourselves. Spending time alone will let you explore:

Get Better Results With A Clear Mind, Conclusion

Be Calm
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In today’s lifestyle, there will be distractions, noises and negativity around. It’s really up to us as an entrepreneur or individual on how we can reduce these distractions so we may be productive. Plan out what you need to achieve within a fair timeline. How are you going to achieve it is based on the resources that you have: time, manpower and cost.

Be calm, stay focus and get better results with a clear mind!









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