Know Your Worth With The Right Branding

The Author, Mr Andrew Chow With his Latest Book – Personal Branding 247 and a doodle artwork by Mr Kendrick Ng

Personal Branding 

We heard many types of branding, yet there are many of us fail to understand the importance of it. Brand identity is whereby people can relate to your personal branding, company and ‘brand’. Know your worth with the right branding and if you fail to manage your brand, others will do it through THEIR perception of you.

So, what is personal branding, anyway? Have you ever wondered how your friends, business partners, or colleagues perceived about you? Personal branding is essential for everyone. The relationship between personal branding and success is unique. By understanding this relationship, you will achieve great heights! However, never lose yourself in the process and know your worth with the right branding!

Personal Branding 247

“Everyone is a brand, whether you link it or not. If you do not brand yourself, other will do it for you.”
Mr Andrew Chow, Author of Personal Branding 247

Personal Branding 247 is written for entrepreneurs and business owners who wanted to enhance their personal branding. Successful personal branding will make you stand out from the crowd and attracts opportunities. Personal Branding 247 was launch at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur on 16 May 2017. It was an exclusive launch with few media in attendance.

There are 3 main sections in this book:

  • Substance
    Focusing on the Substance behind a person.
  • Positioning
    This is a brand strategy on Positioning of the brand.
  • Form
    A brand communication which focuses on the Form of personal branding.

Know Your Worth With The Right Branding

Know your worth with the right branding is crucial. This allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses which help to achieve your career success. Here are the 3 main sections of the book:

1. Substance – Your Personality

An Enneagram Created By Mr Andrew Chow
Photo credits to Mr Andrew Chow

Substance is something that others have to discover about you which is your personality. Every one of us has a different personality and understanding yours will guide you to a better career path. There are between 9 to 27 different types of personalities. However, according to Mr Andrew Chow, the author of Personal Branding 247, there are 9 personalities and which one are you?

  • The perfectionist.
  • The creator.
  • An adventurer.
  • An observer.
  • A helper.
  • The challenger.
  • A loyalist.
  • A peacemaker.

Each personality has its own weaknesses and strengths. We tend to focus on our strengths and leave our weaknesses alone. But, Mr Andrew advised it’s best to work on improving our weaknesses since our strengths are at a ‘maximum’ level. Our weaknesses give us more leeway to grow into a better person.

2. Positioning

Even a small differentiation will make a world difference, Personal Branding 247

Positioning is all about your personal and brand strategies. How are you going to nurture, build and differentiate yourself from the crowd? To do this, you need to have these (at least) 10 people in your inner circle:

  • 1 Mentor.
    Someone who is interested in both your personal and professional development.
  • 2 Coaches.
    A person that is hired to assist and improve your weaknesses.
  • 3 Mastermind members.
    These are your peers, someone which you can brainstorm ideas, exchange info, planning, etc.
  • 4 Advocates.
    These are your fans. Someone that will support, help, and ‘protect’ you during difficult times.

Spend time to build your relationship with your inner circle. Trust and respect are gain slowly, it’s never given freely like many have assumed. Moreover, the grass will be greener on your side if you have maintained and watered it.

Once you are clear about your personal branding, you may determine your needs, goals and ideas. This enables you to find your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as to differentiate from your competitors. From here, you may find out where you’ll be standing (position). Examples of USP from famous personalities such as:

3. The Form

Engage with your audience

The last section of Personal Branding 247 is The Form. The Form is what others can see about you such as:

  • Your (company or brand) logo.
  • Name card.
  • Banners, flyers, brochures.
  • Resume.
  • Profile and image.
  • Your social media.
  • Your book or e-book.

These channels help you to create awareness for your personal brand. You need to have constant engagement with your target audience so you may build their trust. Remember, it takes time to build a relationship. It needs hard work, consistency, discipline and dedication to see results.

However, do choose your inner circle and target audience carefully. As relationship requires hard work, and hard work means resources – time, effort and cost. Never limit yourself, try to engage with as many people as you can. You may obtain this by using your social media platforms, engage in talks, speech, public speaking and much more.

Do brush up on your public relation skills. This is one skill that will enhance your personal brand further. Communication is part of public relation, building relations need communication. Again, know your worth with the right branding and you need to be seen and heard to achieve this.


A visual Summary of Personal Branding 247 by Kendrick Ng
Photo credits to Kendylife

Many of us are clueless on what personal branding is all about, whereby some do not know how to proceed to create their personal branding. Personal branding lessons can’t be fully taught, however, it is advisable to join a community so that your personal branding journey is meaningful.

Set aside a time frame to position your personal branding via nurturing, building and differentiating from your crowd and competitors. Make sure you have a communication plan ready so you create your own personal branding for a greater success!

About The Author

Mr Andrew Chow with the members of the media

Mr Andrew Chow is known to be pragmatic, visionary, competitive, intuitive and a giving person. He is a successful social media and public relations strategist, entrepreneur and speaker based in Singapore. He is also the best-selling author of a highly popular series of books:

Mr Chow has conducted talks in more than 15 countries and was listed the Top 10 Most Influential Speaker in Singapore, 2013 by Singapore Business Review. He served as the president of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore and was conferred the coveted Spirit of Service Award by APSS. His talks cover topics ranging from personal branding, digital marketing, Enneagram profiling, to public relations.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Mr Chow has a number of achievements and accolades under his belt. In 2008, he won the Spirit of Enterprise Award and was the recipient of the Successful Entrepreneur Award in 2010.

As an avid traveller, he recently held his first solo photo art exhibition as a fund-raising event for Singapore local charity—Teen Challenge—whereby he is a volunteer. Mr Chow can be found in all his social media platforms under his moniker @ideasandrew.





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