MAGGI Launches Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani

MAGGI Launches Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani

The launch of MAGGI Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani

MAGGI® has recently launched Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani, a nationwide programme organised in collaboration with Women Will by Google Malaysia. The programme aims to support confidence enhancement, digital upskilling, cooking and basic entrepreneurship skills.

The launch event was officiated by Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad and Region Head of Nestlé Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei; Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of Maggi®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad and Marc Woo, Country Head of Google Malaysia.

Speaking at the launch event, Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad and Region Head of Nestlé Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei said, “The Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani is an initiative which is close to my heart. As an advocate of diversity and inclusion, Nestlé has always been committed to empowering women and advancing gender equality both in business and in society.

We embrace this within our dynamic culture every day. Embodying this spirit through Tak Kenal, Tak Cinta and bringing it to life through Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani, we are confident that Malaysian women can see the positives of trying – to take on new challenges, and to achieve their goals be it at home, the workplace or trying their hands at a new business venture.”

 “We are honoured to have onboard three successful and well-known personalities and businesswomen to personally mentor participants on their journey of self-discovery and to help them succeed in their new ventures. With a passion for food, real-life inspirations and the right experiences, our mentors are well placed to guide and empower participants to take that step forward to be bold and try something new,” added Juan.

Women Will by Google

The Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani is hosted in partnership between Maggi® and Google Malaysia via Women Will, a Grow with Google programme.

Women Will is helping women grow their confidence in using technology to grow their business – by educating them on content related to leadership, business acumen, communication, productivity and also digital marketing.

Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad explains, “MAGGI®’s partnership with Women Will by Google Malaysia is significant –  technology is an important tool to leverage on to open up economic opportunities especially for small businesses that lack skills and capital.

Together with our 3 mentors, Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani will be supporting women across Malaysia via a series of online workshops focusing on building self-confidence, improving their business skills through digital upskilling and of course, enhancing their cooking skills with MAGGI’s in-house Chef. What is more exciting is that our 3 mentors will eventually support 3 selected mentees beyond the workshop in a life-changing journey, guiding them in their chosen endeavours!”

The first series of the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani Online Workshop has kicked-start from September 1st to 3rd, followed by another series from Oct 20th to 22nd. Throughout the 3-day workshop, participants will be learning new skills which will enhance their knowledge and confidence.

“We are equally delighted to be partnering Maggi and Nestlé in championing women empowerment in Malaysia. This is truly aligned with our endeavour to address and narrow the gender gap, paving way for women to fulfil their human potential.

This is the core mission of our Women Will programme, that is to equip women with digital skills not only as a tool for success but also as a powerful body of knowledge in making the world more equal,” said Marc Woo, Country Head of Google Malaysia.

 “At MAGGI®, we believe that every time you cook, there is an opportunity to make a positive difference, whether for oneself, your family and friends, and even the community. Staying true to our brand promise, You and MAGGI®, Cook the Difference, we are excited to enter the next phase of encouraging our consumers to be bold and try things out of their comfort zone, be it in cooking or life in general. It all starts with building the confidence to try. If you never try, you’ll never know! So let your journey begin…,” concluded Geetha.

Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani

The online workshops modules

To date, the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani Online Workshop has received an overwhelming response with more than 800 sign-ups. The Final Round will see 20 shortlisted participants go through a series of interviews and assessments to be one of three selected mentees, who will then journey with Datin Paduka Eina Azman, Sheila Rusly and Anne Idris through a one-on-one mentorship programme.

The Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani is part of Maggi® CukupRasa’s Tak Kenal Tak Cinta campaign that celebrates women who take their first step to try something new. Grounded in real-life stories, the campaign video features three inspirational Malaysian women who have overcome challenging situations by having the courage to try something different, which ultimately led to a positive outcome in their lives.

Who are the Mentors?

Datin Paduka Eina Azman

Brand Ambassador for MAGGI CukupRasa, Actress, entrepreneur & food enthusiast

Eina was not always known as a good cook. In fact, she was reprimanded by both her grandmother and mother in the kitchen for being careless. However, this did not deter her but encouraged her further to improve her culinary skills.

Today, she’s well-renowned for her popular homemade cooking videos on Instagram. Appointed as the Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador for Maggi® CukupRasa in June 2019, Eina’s #TakKenalTakCinta spirit drove her to perfect her cooking. She’s now an influential role model for Malaysians, motivating them to try cooking simple yet delicious meals.

Eina is an inspirational mother of two lovely children and is also an actress and entrepreneur.

As a local celebrity from Pahang, Eina started her acting carrier at the age of 13, in the TV drama series 5 Jingga, which was broadcasted on TV9. Her popularity rose after she took on the main role in the drama series Mimpi Cinderella, aired on Lestary TV3 slot.

Since 2008, she has acted in many local dramas and movies. Some of her recent acting roles were in Pesan Makan (2020), Rahia Hati Perempuan (2018), Doa Ku Mohon (2018) and Suri Hati Mr. Pilot (2016).

Sheila Rusly

Director, producer, actress and owner of The Dim Sum Place KL

Recently, she opened a dim sum restaurant called The Dim Sum Place KL, a franchise restaurant from Singapore, after realising that there weren’t many affordable, tasty and halal dim sum eateries in Malaysia. She’s already planning to further expand her business by opening more branches nationwide if she receives an overwhelming response for this special Chinese cuisine.

But Sheila’s success currently, is not all sweet and rosy. She had once closed down her previous restaurant selling Nasi Dagang and had also drawn the curtain after 15 years of hosting the cooking show Ketuk-Ketuk Ramadan, produced by JS Pictures which is owned by her husband, Azman Yahya.

Her achievement as an award-winning director, producer and actress today, was through sheer hard work and her passion as a comedy talent. At the early stage, Sheila acted under the directions of renowned comedian, AR Badul, and she soon became Malaysia’s most popular female comedian.

Sheila’s fame rose after appearing in the Enot Trilogy in 2002. Her laid-back acting skills have raised her to be one of Malaysia’s first successful female comedy actresses and was always featured on the covers of the magazines. Sheila has won a number of awards for her acting such as Best Comedy Actor for her role in MX3 (17th Festival Filem Malaysia) and Best Supporting Actress for Pontianak Menjerit (18th Festival Filem Malaysia), to name a few.

Anne Idris

Entrepreneur and Owner of My Mum’s Bakery

When Anne was 9 years old, she remembered always see her mother bake cakes and clean trays in Ipoh Bakery in Taiping. She had already then harnessed the spirit to be a successful entrepreneur one day and told her mom that they will eventually have their own shop.

She finally lived her dreams and started her own bakery, My Mum’s Bakery, in 2006, despite just a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificate.

Anne learnt baking through YouTube channels and never gave up despite criticisms and challenges faced, after voicing out her passion of owning a bakery store and an online business.

Her #TakKenalTakCinta spirit pushed her to continue pursuing her dream as a baker. Today, Anne is a well-known baker and had received awards such as the “Young Entrepreneur Icon 2019” at the Minggu Usahawan Nasional 2019, “Business Ikon” for  TM, UNIFI (2018) and Ikon Wanita Inspirasi Ekonomi (WISE) 2018, to name a few.

Her real-life inspiring story was also featured in one of Maggi’s #WanitaCukupBerani campaign video.


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