Positive Mind-Set


Entrepreneurs must keep their physical and mentality in a positive state, always! Emotions such as fear, doubtfulness, lack of confidence, denial and etc must be avoided at all cost! These emotions will drag an individual down, lacking in motivation and giving up easily. In the end, it will lead to time consuming and costly.

Once a ‘negativity’ creeps into you, no matter how small it is, soon you’ll be drown in this negative whirlpool. To get out of it is tough however it can be done with a lot of determination, passion and discipline. Talk to your friends, family or business associates who understand what you are going through.

Taking things one step at a time will help you solve your problems with ease. As entrepreneurs, we are ready to get our hands ‘dirty’, which we will learn about our business trade, industry, target audiences and competitors. Set out a plan that you are comfortable with, which leads you to achieve your goals, even if it takes a longer period to complete. Once you have a plan, you will have your ‘how’s’ and things will flow in naturally.

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2 Responses

  1. Yana says:

    Staying positive does seem quite challenging especially when in this era where everyone loves to point out the bad in things rather than to encourage…but yea I get what you mean by setting a plan and following it through…I am still in the midst of getting things right..hopefully, one day I can make it big too..

    • Melissa Chan says:

      Hello Yana

      Take small steps and it’s easier to achieve. Once you have noted on your success, no matter how small, you’ll be motivated to move further. All the best!

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