Nutribear Brings Paw-sitive Change to Health and Bears

Nutribear Brings Paw-sitive Change to Health and Bears

Better health through Nutribear fuss-free collagen products while saving the bears

The revitalised Nutribear brand is armed with a mission – to lead consumers to a healthier life with its range of premium powdered fish collagen. While there are many collagen products in the market, Nutribear’s is made of the highest quality grade ingredients minus the fluff. 

“We let the quality of our collagen speak for itself. Our products have no buffers, no fillers, no unexplained extras – just the highest-grade collagen,” JC Cheng, the founder of Nutribear, explains.

She mentions that many collagen products out there contain unnecessary additives and sugar which may harm the body.

Every Nutribear product is uniquely and scientifically formulated. The formulas were tried and tested by a team of experts comprising nutritionists as well as biotech scientists. This is to ensure the quality of the products is uncompromised and, most importantly, with proven results. 

Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen

The fluffy mascot for Nutribear

Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen is made of fish collagen that is 1.5 times more bioavailable as compared to other types of collagen. Plus, it has a lower molecular weight which makes the collagen easier to absorb within the body.

According to JC, nutritionists verified that this collagen has more Arginine and Alanine as well as other essential amino acids that will optimally nourish the body.

also underwent a special process to eliminate odour without compromising the taste.

The other products Nutribear currently carry are digital products including healthy recipes and a 7-day sugar detox plan. 

“We are currently working on a formula that’s best suited for people above 30 years old with a hectic lifestyle.”

JC also reminds the consumers that her product is not a miracle product. It is through consistent consumption that will bring paw-sitive changes to the body and skin. 

Why Collagen?

Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen

The human body is an incredible natural healer, and collagen aids the body in many ways of healing. As the body ages, the production of natural collagen is reduced as well. 

Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen serves to provide the building blocks for the body to build ample collagen and other proteins that keeps the body in better shape.

This will reinforce the body’s joints, blood vessels and skin while reducing inflammation, brightening skin complexion as well as revitalising dull hair into a luscious one. 

The Origin of Nutribear 

A premium fish collagen that gives results sans the fluff

It all started when JC, realised that she needed to start taking care of her skin and staying healthy when the big three-o approaches. 

She conducted extensive research on health and supplement products with the knowledge she gained as a vet. Her research on collagen particularly led her to discover many products that were just fluff while others did not have the optimum ingredients to help upkeep her health and skin.

That was when a burning idea popped up in her mind – to create a premium collagen product that gives results sans the fluff. 

Her first product was pure collagen that came in unlabelled packages and the smell was unpleasant. However, she went ahead with determination and requested her family and friends to try.

A Personal Journey

JC invested in improving her knowledge and skills to enhance her business

To JC’s surprise, she managed to close some sales but were insufficient. Just a few months into the business, she was stuck. JC knew that without branding, the product wouldn’t be able to penetrate into a larger market. 

She then hired a business coach to help her turn around her business, and unfortunately, that decision became her regret. It turned out that the business coach did not help her and even pushed her to the brink of bankruptcy. 

JC became depressed and disoriented. Her family and friends, however, did not give up on her. In fact, they encouraged her to stand up and try again.

That was when she gathered up all her courage and began to pick up the bits and pieces of her life and remnants of the business. She decided to start loving herself and experienced transformation. 

With the leftover money she had, she invested in improving her knowledge and skills to enhance her business. 

In 2017, she decided to overhaul her product and branded it as Nutribear. JC invested her time and energy to re-look into product formulations as well as brand positioning. 

By 2018, Nutribear was launched with a breath of fresh air. Within the same year, JC yearned to level up her knowledge of business and marketing. Hence, she signed up for an MBA course. 

For the past 3 years, JC focused on growing the Nutribear brand and penetrate the market with Nutribear Premium Fish Collagen. 


On A Mission

Bears represent strength, confidence and courage

“I’ve been asked about our name “Nutribear”, and my instinctive answer to that question is ‘I like fluffy bears!” JC exclaims. 

“On a serious note though, I think Bears represent strength, confidence and courage. I feel protected. At the same time, they encompass playfulness, fun and vitality – perfect for my product that exudes these values.”

JC’s love for bears also moved her to contribute 5% of Nutribear sales to animal conservation – especially the bears in need. 

“We hope is to donate at least RM50,000 to this cause by the end of 2023.”

The brand’s key product, Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen is retailing at RM225.00 and available on their website.

For more information about Nutribear, please visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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