From Passion To An Award Winning Success


Turning Passion In Blogging Into A Success

For the past few years, social media IS the trend to capture awareness. Many individuals and businesses are starting to capture these social media readers via content marketing, blogging and SEO. Blogging is a great, fast and cost effective way to educate the generic public.

Most of the bloggers started off as a hobby, some to past time or, a passion for writing. Eventually, they attracted readers to their site with strong, interesting content and, turning their passion into a success.

We’ve met up with Jane Chua, a freelance blogger who juggled between her family, personal life, blogging, and full time employment at the same time! Who says that you can’t take your passion to the next stage when you are still under employment?

Hello Jane, and please tell us about your blog.

My blog is called, and its about me together with my 5 Little Angels (her kids). We love to travel, explore and experience the beauty of Malaysia through local trips.

But, most importantly my angels manage to learn and experience the activities that we have participated together. My blog’s main focus will be parenting related matters or products. Other than that, I do blog about:

  • Lifestyle topics such as health and beauty.
  • Travelling and food.
  • Movies and entertainment.
14Jane and her 2 angels
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How long have you been blogging?

Mommyjane was established in 2011, but I blog occasionally only. I started to focus on blogging in 2014 whereby I attended more bloggers’ activities and events.

These days, many personnel from brands, companies and even PR agencies started to invite me to their launches or events so I may feature their story on Mommyjane.

Are you a full time blogger?

No, I’m not. I’m still under full time employment in a public listed company as one of the higher level management personnel. Blogging is my passion and I wanted to turn it into success.

Most of the bloggers’ events are held on weekdays. However, certain events are held on weekends whereby I can arrange my time to attend together with my Little Angels.

How many followers do your blog and social media has?

untitledMommyjane Blog – Main Page

Currently Mommyjane have more than 250 followers. Whereas for my other social media:

What is the concept of your blog?

Mommyjanes concept is skilled towards parenting and lifestyle tips, education, awareness, and type of services that I have reviewed. I do blog about the things which I love to do with my Little Angels, such as:

  • Participating in activities.
  • Watching movies.
  • Sharing knowledge on the products that we’ve tried.
  • Enjoying food.
  • Travelling and visiting places around Malaysia.

What makes you venture into blogging?

I wanted to write about my Little Angels’ journey while they are growing up. They can read my blogs when they are all grown up, recalling the activities which we had done together.

Besides, I love to exploring things. It’ll be great to have my Little Angels to explore with me so they get to experienced and learn something new. This is good for their future because they have experienced difference things during their childhood.

How do you create awareness for your blog?

Making use of the social media platforms that I have:

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Twitter.

Once in a while, I will get some close friends and family members to share my posts on their social media too.

How did you manage your schedule between motherhood, being a wife, your full time employment and doing freelance blogging?

My main priority is always being a Mom to my 5 Little Angels as they are my everything! I was lucky that my husband has been very supportive, and we have a maid to help out on some of the daily chores. As for my husband, we do spend quality time together once in a while like going for a short holiday.

I remained my full time employment as it provides the financial support, especially during this current economy situation. Whereas, blogging is my passion and I have turned it into a success! This is how I set my priorities.

I strongly believed that we NEED to manage our time instead of time managing us!

WOW! Not easy to have your hands full. However, your hard work and passion pays off as your blog has won numerous awards and prizes. What are the most memorable awards and prizes you had received?

I was lucky to have won many prizes and awards as I have only started blogging professionally in these recent years. Here are the top 6 awards and prizes:

  • The Entertainer – Top Blogger Nov 2016.
  • Huggies Dry Pants – Malaysia Book of Records Blogger Contest: Grand Prize.
  • Top 5 champion Survivors of The Public Toilet Program for Bloggers.
  • Dutch Lady ‘Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak’ Blogger Contest – Consolation Prize Winner.
  • OYO’s Blog and Win – 5th Prize Winner.
  • Dugrostar Blogger Program – won RM 1,000.00 cash.

Congratulations on your achievements! With all these business going on, how do you spend your free time?

During my free time, I’ll still spend it with my Little Angels! Seeing the happiness on their faces made everything well worth it! But, I do like to read newspaper in my room, ALONE.

Hahaha! At least you managed to spend some ‘ME’ time. However, it was a great opportunity to an interview session with you. How do you like to be contacted?

They may contact me through my email address:





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