Farah Ann Becomes Swisse Malaysia’s Ambassador

Farah Ann Embraces Life to the Fullest Post-Retirement

Farah Ann is the ambassador for Swisse Malaysia. Photo credits to Swisse.my

Who can resist the charm of Farah Ann Abdul Hadi?

We all know this young woman of mixed parentage as a gymnastics superstar, who achieved remarkable success for the Malaysian team at the SEA Games and was one of only three Malaysian gymnasts to compete in the Olympics.

Recently, she was appointed as the ambassador for Swisse Malaysia, a brand from Australia that offers a range of health and beauty supplements.

We had the privilege of attending the event celebrating her appointment as Swisse Malaysia’s ambassador, where she discussed her active life post-retirement and her values and routines regarding health and wellness.

When asked about her life post-retirement, Farah Ann remarked: “Right now, it’s a very big whirlwind. When I was a gymnast, everything was highly structured. Each year meant more training. But now, I get to pursue a variety of other interests.”

She shared the moment she was approached by Swisse Malaysia: “I was surprised because I think everyone knew me as a gymnast, as an athlete. And when I retired, that identity was still with me, but it wasn’t who I was anymore. When Swisse approached me, I felt a deep sense of pride because they recognised me as more than just an athlete. They said, ‘Yes, you are an athlete, you are an Olympian, but you are so much more than that!’

“It aligns with my personal brand because it’s holistic, encompassing everything. I’m not just one person; I’m not just a gymnast. I am so much more in life. So, I was immensely proud to work with a brand, become their first ambassador, promote the values I believe in, and continue my health and wellness journey, something I wholeheartedly advocate for in my life.”

Farah Ann further expressed her gratitude for being chosen as Swisse Malaysia’s ambassador: “Health and fitness and living the best life are things I believe everyone should aspire to. I am just very happy, very proud, and very thankful.”

“As for my current activities,” Farah Ann stated, “I am now a gymnastics judge. I recently returned from Santa Fe, where I judged 200 young gymnasts. I also spent four days in Sabah, judging gymnastics and delivering motivational speeches to the children there.”

But that’s not all! Farah Ann proudly mentioned: “I was also recently in Greece for the International Olympic Academy camp, where they sent two Malaysians to represent our country. I have been travelling with friends, exercising to maintain my health and physique.”

She admitted that retirement was not easy at first, saying, “When I was six years old, I would introduce myself as, ‘Hi, I’m Farah Ann, the gymnast.’ That was how people knew me. But when I retired, I could no longer do that. It took me a long time to accept that it’s okay not to be a gymnast anymore. I can be other things, and now I am determined to explore different paths and represent Malaysia beyond gymnastics.”

“It has been a wonderful journey for me,” Farah Ann concluded. “It’s a new journey, and I want to try new things in my life right now, push myself further, and savour a cup of tea.”

We wish you all the best in your endeavours, Farah Ann!

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