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The baking industry in Malaysia is growing as the demand for customised cakes and pastries are on the rise. Many of these bakers are solo entrepreneurs that worked from home or have a small business set up. Sustaining a business in our current economy is not easy, hence many bakers preferred to have a small set up, and try to minimize their overhead cost.

We speak to Ms. Shirley Choy, Founder and Creator of SUGARLess Creation.

What is your role in SUGARLess Creation?

I’m the founder and creator of SUGARLess Creation whereby I does the baking, creating ideas, execution and creations for customised cakes. I provide consultation and advice to my clients based on their needs, ideas and budget before they place an order with me.

Tell us about SUGARLess Creation’s background and set-up.

SUGARLess Creation was established in 2013 however I have more than 6 years of experience in the baking industry. My creations are focused on custom made cakes using premium ingredients like Belgium chocolate, French whipping cream, Australia butter,imported fruits such as cherries, berries, plum, and raisins from Thailand.

Our custom made cakes are ranging from: healthy (range), decorative and classical.

How did you venture into baking and why?

After returning from Australia, I eventually ventured into baking. I was intrigue with baking since at a young age and hence, I’ve enrolled in a baking course that focused on basic cake decorating and soon, it turns into my passion. From there on, I’ve kept on practicing and enrolling myself into advanced level workshops or courses for cake decorations.

As I found out in Malaysia, there were no cakes or pastries that are suitable for diabetic and gluten intolerance person such as my mother and me. That’s the reason why I venture into the healthy range baking which is to cater to those who are gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts intolerance and / or for diabetic personnel. I usually try to understand my client’s needs through a consultation session to find out if they are having any allergies towards any particular item like nuts, eggs, milk and etc before I suggest to them on what they should order.

Once they have agreed on the ingredients, then they are welcome to select the level of sweetness for their cakes – less sweet (60%), little sweet (30%) or totally sugar free. Our sugarless range sweetness come from the natural ingredients that we use like raisins, dried apricot, and fresh fruits – bananas, oranges, grapes and more.

What are your best sellers?

  • Classic range: Carrot cake, Belgium Dark Chocolate cake, Blueberries cheese cake
  • Healthy range: Gluten free orange cake and my latest creation, gluten free honey almond cake

Are your products available online?

Yes! SUGARLess Creation has a website and Facebook page. Clients may order my products through our Facebook store or our website.

How many ranges of products do you have?

We have 3 ranges of products consisting of:

  • Healthy range: gluten, dairy, nut, eggs free, and sugarless range which are cater for diabetic and/or health conscious individuals. Currently I have just created a new product which is the gluten free honey almond cake.
  • Decorative range: wedding cakes, special themed occasions, baby full moon, birthdays that requires custom made cakes.
  • Classic range: cheese cakes, chocolate, carrot and more.

What are your hobbies?

I love good food and great coffee, anytime! Apart from that, I love to travel.

Do you have any other ventures apart from baking?

I have a level 8 certification on piano, which I am teaching from time to time.

In your point of view, how do you define an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a ‘superwoker’: multi-tasking, making (the right) decisions, research, survey, have to endure and yet enjoy a stressful lifestyle throughout the journey!


Shirley Choy

SUGARLess Creation facebook:



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