U.S. Potatoes Fuel Sea Games 2023 Medalists And Spartan Elites in Malaysia

Jayden Tian And Tahira Najmunisaa Clinched The Top Spots

UTAR study shows more young Malaysians embracing active lifestyles

Participating in a competitive sporting event such as the Spartan Malaysia Trifecta Weekend 2023 requires more than skills, mindset or strategy.

More importantly, the right nutrition intake could make all the difference in helping contestants achieve success in their performances.

Research indicates that U.S. potatoes – packed with energy, fibre, potassium and Vitamin C – are a viable functional food that could help fuel and enhance sports performances and active lifestyles. 

Potatoes USA recently sponsored the Spartan Race Kuala Lumpur Trifecta Weekend on 28 and 29 October held at Gamuda Cove. 

This was the first Spartan Race in Peninsular Malaysia since 2019 and was expected to become the most exciting Spartan Trifecta campaign in Southeast Asia this year.

In 2023 alone, Spartan is hosting over 160 races across 55 countries worldwide, involving over 1 million participants globally.

Potatoes USA served over 6,000 participants with U.S. potato products at their booth, including mashed potatoes that aided racers in restoring energy and vital nutrients post-event.

Educational materials on potato nutrition to improve sports performance were distributed while sports dietitian Tania Lee headlined a sharing session on potato benefits for sportspeople.  

Potatoes USA enlisted a group of Spartan Racers to join the potato nutrition education campaign, which includes:
Jayden Tian.
– Jayakumar Tharmalingam.
– Ariff Suffian.
– Azlan Matle.

Jayden Tian scored 1st placing in both the Spartan Beast-AG and Super-AG categories.  National Duathlon athlete, Tahira Najmunisaa who clinched Malaysia’s first duathlon medal at the 31st SEA Games 2022 in Vietnam raced in Spartan KL Trifecta Weekend and took home the 2nd placing at the Spartan Beast Female Elite category.

Together with SEA Games 2023 medalists, William Yoong and Wan Athira, all these sports elites incorporated U.S. potatoes in their meals to aid their carbo-loading for their participation in the Spartan Race.

William Yoong, a 29-year-old fitness trainer who loves competitive sports is a familiar face at obstacle races in town. He made history at the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia this May, securing Malaysia’s first medals for the 2023 SEA Games – a bronze in the men’s individual 100m and a silver in the men’s team relay for obstacle course racing (OCR).

Preparing for a tough Spartan Race means smart carb-loading. U.S. potatoes are the perfect complex carb source to load up athletes’ muscle glycogen storages. They keep me fueled, and satisfied, and are so versatile in the kitchen” he explained.

Another Potatoes USA representative sportswoman, Wan Athira, 26 years old, also participated in the 32nd SEA Games and won a bronze medal in the women’s obstacle race.

She shared “U.S. potatoes are cost-effective and rich in nutrients needed for highly competitive races. They are gluten-free and a great source of carbohydrates to fuel me and reduce hunger pangs during long or intense races. I consume U.S. potatoes for my training, recovery process and of course, for race day!”.

“Furthermore, they are tasty, easy to cook and versatile to prepare them in many different ways,” enthused Athira.  

These days, more young individuals are embracing healthier lifestyles, evident in their enthusiasm for physical sports and their commitment to making smarter dietary choices.

This is in line with Potatoes USA’s core belief and role in enabling healthy eating, promoting an active lifestyle and enhancing sports performance amongst the younger generation, as seen with Potatoes USA’s collaboration with Spartan Malaysia.

In Malaysia, there’s a growing passion for various sports. Reports highlighted a lack of local engagement in sports, leading the Malaysian Youth and Sports Ministry to unveil plans for Malaysia to achieve “Sporting Nation” status by 2025, offering incentives to boost health and athletic career opportunities.

According to a study conducted by the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, the age of sports enthusiasts is decreasing, with young Malaysian adults aged 18 to 30 increasingly embracing a sporty lifestyle. The study found that this trend is largely due to the influence of family and peers.

Numerous studies have been conducted over the past 40 – 50 years suggesting that carbohydrates are a primary macronutrient for sustaining and improving athletic performance.

According to Nutrition Today, a US journal, it is suggested that a balanced diet high in natural, quality carbohydrate-rich foods like nutrient-dense potatoes may be optimal for improving physical performance among elite endurance athletes. 


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