Understanding Animals In A New And Fun App

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Rise Of Mobile Apps

Technology is ever-changing and currently, there’s a rise in mobile apps. A mobile application or in short for mobile app is a software program designed for portable wireless devices such as smartphone and tablets. There are many types of app and functions available in the market.

  • Fitness and health.
  • Education.
  • Navigation.
  • News, media, TV and radio.
  • Games.
  • Social media.
  • Transportation and delivery.
  • F&B.
  • Payment method or cashless applications.
  • Etc.

Understanding Animals In A New And Fun App

ZooMoo App Display At Dreamworld, Starling Mall

Understanding animals in a new and fun app by ZooMooThis app can be synchronized with ZooMoo channel which allows children or viewers to collect animal they encounter on the TV screen. Through the app, the animals they have encountered can be brought to life on smartphones and tablets.

Collect animal content from the TV using ZooSync technology which is synchronised to the broadcast by an acoustic watermark. This watermark is soundless to us however, it’s easily picked up by the mobile devices’ microphone.

ZooMoo app is still workable when it’s not connected to the TV channel. Kids can still access and explore to the content they had collected.

There are over 160 animals content to collect and other items as well.

  • Animal cards.
  • Animal sound cards.
  • Videos of animals in their natural environments.
  • Food cards for feeding animals with.

ZooMoo app is available on App Store and Google Play Store.

The Introduction Of ZooMoo App At Dreamworld, Starling Mall

The Beautiful And Delicious Desserts

The introduction of ZooMoo app at Dreamworld, Starling Mall was held on 7 October 2017. Specially invited guests and bloggers have attended this event. The kids enjoyed a play session while parents chit-chat and enjoyed the food.

Apart from that, there was an appearance by Flash, one of ZooMoo’s cast at Dreamworld.

There was a kiosk to showcase the ZooMoo app functions and features whereby the kids can experience.

About Dreamworld

The Playground At Dreamworld, Starling Mall

Dreamworld Indoor Play Centre (“DWP”) introduced an indoor themed playland which provides a safe and fun environment for toddlers to 12-year-old children. The playland is equipped with a number of challenging yet fun obstacles for your kids to develop their motor skills.

Dreamworld outlets are located at:

  • Starling Mall.
  • IOI City Mall.

For more information about Dreamworld, please log on to their Facebook.

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