SITEC – Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference

Southeast Asia’s Growth

Riding the waves of Southeast Asia’s growth – International companies and brands are investing into Southeast Asia as the economy here is huge, and many markets are un-touch within Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia and Indo-China which consists of Laos and Cambodia.

As Malaysia’s export sector is growing, many companies are taking this advantage and planning to expend their businesses across the boarder. In return, many foreign companies are looking into Malaysian businesses for collaboration or to as an investment.

SITEC Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference 2016

SITEC organised their second Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference on 22 October at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) Ballroom. This conference was held in conjunction with Selangor International Expo 2016.

img_20161025_171959Cross-Boarder Trading Conference 2016 Brochure

The objectives of this conference was to bring experts, business owners, entrepreneurs, government agencies, stakeholders together to discuss, exchange ideas and address issues on cross-boarder trading faced by Malaysian businesses such as:

  • Promoting Malaysian businesses.
  • How to address problems like logistics, payment, customer loyalty, brand awareness, etc.
  • Learning from experienced local and/or regional companies.
  • Identifying issues faced during cross-boarder trading.

16 speakers and panelist were invited to share their knowledge and experiences within their industries.

img_20161022_095251List of speaker and panelist

For more information on SITEC, please click here.





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