SAMENTA Urges Government to Adopt a Consultative Approach to Infringement of MCO SOP

SAMENTA Urges Government to Adopt a Consultative Approach to Infringement of MCO SOP

SAMENTA urging a consultative approach to help the SMEs during these trying times

With yesterday’s announcement of another Movement Control Order (MCO) by the Prime Minister, Small And Medium Enterprise Association (SAMENTA) observe with great concerns due to the recent maximum penalty imposed on traders for operating beyond the permitted hours under these times.

They urge all SMEs to practice greater care to ensure they comply fully with all standard operating procedures. This includes a buffer time to allow their customers to also adhere to the SOPs.

This is to avoid unnecessary confrontation with the authorities and help the country in keeping our Covid19 cases under control.

Nevertheless, SAMENTA is urging the government agencies including enforcement authorities, to adopt a consultative approach when it comes to infringement of SOPs.

While SMEs should comply with the SOPs, there are times involving issues beyond their control. As such, SAMENTA suggest a stern warning to be given if caught infringing with the SOP for the first time.

Or, at least a smaller fine instead of the maximum RM 50,000 currently been issued. 

However, SAMENTA is not against the enforcement of SOPs, and in fact, welcoming them. It is important for both SMEs and the public to follow the SOPs as the cases are rising rapidly in Malaysia.

SAMENTA is urging the enforcement to use a consultative approach as we try to balance the need to keep Covid19 in check while ensuring the economic survival of ordinary Malaysians. 

Membership Drive Campaign

A membership drive campaign is running now until Sept 2021

Formed in 1986, SAMENTA is Malaysia’s oldest association for small and medium enterprises.

Their mission is to champion the development of local SMEs through a four-prong approach such as:

  • Policy consultation
  • Market access
  • Business amplification
  • Capacity building.

Apart from that, SAMENTA is having a membership drive currently until Sept 2021.

For more information about the membership drive, please check out their website or Facebook.

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