Safe, Light, Cute, Colourful Bags For Every Child

The Evolution Of Children’s Bags
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How Children’s Bags Changed Throughout The Years

Children were using leather straps or belts as ‘school bags’ in the olden times. The first zipped backpack was created in the 1930’s which was meant for hiking. It became well-known to children worldwide and adopted as school bags.

How children’s bags changes throughout the years.

Today, backpacks are available in many designs, colour, materials and sizes for every child! It became one of the most iconic items for school kids regardless if they are in primary schools or in universities. Eventually, many adults are still using backpacks due to its convenience.

A Child’s Bag

Safe, Light, Cute, Colourful Bags For Every Child

Being parents, we are constantly worrying about our kids – their well-being, education, diet, health, etc. As our children grew, so are the worries! One of the main concerns will be during school time. Especially toddlers, they are innocents, learning and fragile at the same time. Parents will do their best to keep them comfortable and safe.

When it comes to bringing accessories to school, kids just loved colourful design stuff. Especially their school bags, it comes in many sizes, colours, shape and designs.

When choosing a bag for your child, many parents will look out for few aspects.

  • Durability.
  • Safety.
  • Weight.
  • Washable.
  • Economic.

NoHoo is the latest brand of bags for children and it comes with a reasonable price.

Safe, Light, Cute, Colourful Bags For Every Child

NoHoo safe, light, cute, colourful bags for every child! The brand has 40 designs with 3 different themes to suit your child’s desire. Each theme comes with a wide range of cute designed characters ranging from sharks, mermaid, cars, hippo and more.

The uniqueness about this bag is, its light-weight, child-friendly, safe, water-resistant, and durable. Plus, all their bags come with a lifetime warranty! The warranty registration is available online.

The Key Features of NoHoo Bags

Their bags are suitable for kids aged 2 and above. There are 3 cute designs specifically for toddlers as it comes with a safety harness.

The brand’s objective is to bring happiness, fun and safe bags for kids. And, at the same time, for children to learn responsibility and take ownership of their bags!

NoHoo Bags

An Overly Excited Kid With A Hippo Bag

All NoHoo bags come with strap, zip, buckle and a little activity book for kids. The bag has few compartments which can fit your child’s daily necessities such as water bottle, stationeries, clothes, and their favourite toy(s).

The zippers on the bags are extremely child-friendly and will not injure your child’s fingers. The zip glides easily along the bag and it has their brand tags on each zipper. Suits those tiny fingers as the tags are large enough for them to grip.

The bags have an adjustable strap on both sides. Convenient to adjust according to your child’s height.

The Launch of NoHoo Bags

Children Enjoying The Colouring Session

The launch of NoHoo bags was held at Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid on 7 October 2017. An introduction to NoHoo bags was presented by Mr Justin Wang, Business Development Manager of Purple Box. Purple Box is the sole distributor of NoHoo for South East Asia.

The brand aims to become the No. 1 kid’s bag provider. NoHoo is currently available in Malaysia and Singapore.

A kid’s colouring session was held after the presentation, while Mr Justin gave the attending bloggers a tour to NoHoo retail outlet inside Parenthood.

Their bags are available online as well. Free delivery service throughout Peninsular Malaysia for any online purchases.

For more information on NoHoo, please log on their website and Facebook. A special treat to Lisaffair readers, kindly key in lisalovesnohoo to enjoy *RM 10 off the retail price if you have decided to purchase any of the bags online.

*This promotion is only valid for online purchases.

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