Ruby Chocolate, Sparkle Your Taste And Eyes

New Chocolate By Callebaut

Newly launched chocolates by Callebaut

Chocolate lovers will get to enjoy another new type of chocolate. Callebaut, the finest Belgium chocolate maker introduces their new range of chocolates.

  • Ruby RB2.
  • NXT Dark.
  • NXT M_lk

These chocolates are targeted at the younger generations who are more health-conscious about their diet and lifestyle.

“Malaysians have an increasing desire for unique food experiences as well as health and wellness. Furthermore, more than half of the working population in Malaysia is Gen Zs and millennials. These young consumers bring a new level of spending power, snacking behaviour and taste preferences. So, I am excited that we are launching Callebaut’s RB2 and NXT dark and m_lk chocolates today. We are equipping our customers with a new generation of chocolate inspiration and innovation which response to the needs of the younger generations of consumers: taste good, feel good and do good!” said Robert Kotuszewski, Managing Director of Barry Callebaut.

The 4th Chocolate After Dark, Milk And White Chocolate

Ruby chocolate is another great creation after White chocolate which was invented 93 years ago

What is Ruby chocolate, one might ask.

This chocolate has a distinctive taste to it, with fruity, sourish and tangy notes, along with its remarkable pinkish-magenta colour.

Chocolatiers and artisans will surely appreciate this new chocolate due to its colour for creating many mouth-watering desserts such as:
– Doughnuts.
– Mousse.
– Ice cream.
– Gemcakes.
– Bonbon and more.

But how is Ruby chocolate made?

The Ruby chocolate contains no artificial colouring or flavouring. The unique colour comes cocoa beans which are influenced by the environment in which they grow.

These cocoa beans can be found in Ecuador, Brazil or Ivory Coast due to the unique climate conditions.

However, to get the Ruby colour, the cocoa beans will go through a natural process of fermentation. During this process, temperature, conching time and acidity level will be monitored closely as this is part of the key process of fermentation.

The colour and fruity flavour of the ruby chocolate are 100% natural because there are no added preservatives or additives.

In the meantime, the Ruby chocolate is not vegan and contains milk.

NXT Chocolate

A new range of vegan, dairy-free and plant-based chocolate

NXT is made from 100% plant-based ingredients without any detectable traces of milk or dairy – yet bringing out all the indulgence of traditional chocolates!

Especially for NXT M_lk, its creaminess comes from chufa, or the tiger nut, often referred to as a plant-based ‘milk’ that has a naturally sweet taste.

Tiger nuts, despite their name, are NOT nuts. They are small, tuberous rhizomes resembling wrinkled, marble-sized balls that grow at the root of the plant. This plant is part of the sedge grass species known as cyperus esculentus lativum. They got their name from the striped exterior.

These unique plant parts have been cultivated globally for many years and are recognised as one of the superfoods that are available in the market.

Tiger nuts have a flavour that resembles both coconut and almond, which replaces cow’s milk.

NXT is also available in Dark Chocolate.

This range is inspired by and created for all chefs, chocolate lovers and the growing community of vegan and plant-based foodies.

Additionally, Robert stated that the introduction of Callebaut Ruby RB2 and NXT will open up new opportunities and growth for Malaysia’s chocolatiers, pastry chefs, artisans, bakers, hotels, restaurants, and caterers.

Please log on to the Callebaut website for more information.

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