QEM 1st Networking Forum The Power Of Branding

The Panel of Speakers from Right to Left – Mr Andreas Vogiatzakis, CEO of HAVAS Media Group, Ms Julia Koh, Executive Director of Brand 360 Degree Sdn. Bhd., Mr Ian Lai, Founder of Brandtalks Asia, Ms Gem Yen, Founder and CEO of Gemnuine, and Ms Melissa Chan, Founder and PR Advisor of EA Creative Media Relation

QEM 1st Networking Forum The Power Of Branding

Quest Entrepreneur Mastery had their first forum on 31 May 2017. QEM 1st Networking Forum The Power Of Branding brings entrepreneurs together for a networking session. More than 50 people attended the forum to learn from the gurus on branding.

Branding is an important factor for all businesses. Yet still, many of us do not understand how branding works. Branding is a long process for all businesses. There are no wishing wells to magically transform a brand overnight! Ms Gem Yen, Founder and CEO of Gemnuine shared with us, “It takes time for a brand to build its credibility and presence. Branding is A long-term process.”

During the forum session, the attendees got an insight from the gurus on few common scenarios such as:

  • What are the common mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid while building a brand?
  • What can an entrepreneur do with a small budget for branding?
  • How can entrepreneurs find their USP as many of us are clueless on?
  • Content or visuals, which is more important for branding?
  • Most businesses wanted to target the mass market. Is it advisable to do so or should they focus on a specific target audience?

Impossible To I’mPossible

Mr Ian Lai Sharing on Overcoming Impossible to I’mPossible

At QEM 1st Networking Forum The Power Of Branding session, participants got an exclusive opportunity to hear about Mr Ian Lai’s story. He shared about his personal journey, struggles and how he overcame failures. Ian gave some tips on personal branding and how every one of us can overcome Impossible to I‘mPossible. It took him some time to re-brand himself before he became a successful entrepreneur.

At the beginning of his session, he invited all participants to take out a piece of (cash) note. Fold the note to the smallest that you can and crumple it. Throw it on the ground and step on it. After that, unfold the note and he asked: “Can we still use this note to purchase something?” Everyone replied yes. Why? Because the ‘value’ of the note remains. No matter what we did to the note, the value still remained, unless we are unlucky to tear it.

It is the same as personal branding. It is our value and we need to acknowledge it. Be confident in who we are, what we do and be happy. Our biggest enemy comes from within, US. Once we start believing, we’ll be able to achieve Impossible to I’mPossible!

The Speakers

The Forum Session with The Panel of Speakers

QEM 1st Networking Forum The Power Of Branding, was a great session due to the speakers. Here are the powerful panel of speakers:

Mr Andreas Vogiatzakis, CEO of HAVAS Media Group

Andreas is the CEO of Havas Media Group Malaysia. He is an active Certified Professional Coach locally and internationally (CCA & ICF) and a Certified NLP practitioner too. He has won several industry awards and accolades. What Andreas has done:

  • Conducted numerous high-powered learning sessions for many universities and the industry.
  • Has served as president or council member on several industry associations and committees (MSA, MDA, JIC).
  • Being a judge on numerous awards jury.
  • As a member on various industry advisory boards such as GOOGLE, INTI, TAYLOR’s, UTAR, PJCAD, APMF and more.

Ms Julia Koh, Executive Director of Brand 360 Degree Sdn. Bhd.

Julia is the Executive Director of Brand 360 Degree Sdn. Bhd., a consultancy firm on brand and marketing matters for multinational and innovative Malaysian companies. She is also a Chartered Marketer and a member of Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

Mr Ian Lai, Founder of Brandtalks Asia

Ian is the founder of Brandtalks Asia. He is a branding consultant, corporate trainer as well as a personal coach of Brandtalks Asia. Brandtalks Asia was founded in 2009 and in within a short period of time, their clientele has expanded from Penang, Langkawi, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan. Ian has 15 years of working experience in branding, advertising and design within Malaysia and Singapore.

Ms Gem Yen, Founder and CEO of Gemnuine

Gem Yen is the founder of Gemnuine, a boutique branding firm. She always believes that branding is an essential in today’s fast-changing world. She has a keen eye for identifying key traits and transforming them into brands that matter. Her clients include RK, BGTeck Builders, POPClub Magazine, Beaute Cosmeceutical, and more.

Quest Promotions Sdn. Bhd.

Quest Entrepreneur Mastery Networking

QUEST Promotions Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary partner of The Quest Learning Group (QSC ASIA). They are a leading results-based talent development consulting firm in Asia with 32 years of experience. They assist their clients in improving performances, productivity and profits. These are conducted through training and coaching sessions. Currently, they have established a strong foothold in both Asia and South East Asia.

The Brand

QUEST Entrepreneur Mastery (QEM) aims to gather a targeted group of business owners and entrepreneurs. QEM are actively conducting business conventions, workshops and networking sessions. During these sessions, entrepreneurs are able to share their knowledge, expertises, experience and network together to build relationships in the business community and industry.
 QEM believed in a triple win policy, not only benefitting their partners and sponsors
 but also participants. All participants will be able to gain new insights into specific areas of interests while attending QEM events.

QEM 1st Networking Forum The Power Of Branding

QEM networking forums are designed to build a stronger relationship amongst entrepreneurs. This is to cultivate business opportunities through an exceptional session of networking and knowledge sharing. The networking forum will be held once a month.




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