Proper Skincare For A Healthy Glow

Proper skincare regime, visiting a facial salon and investing in the right products to protect our skin

Accelerated Skin Ageing Is Real

Combining a good regime and proper skincare for a healthy glow. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it serves as a layer of protection of our overall being.

Skin ageing is, however, unavoidable as we grow older especially after we hit our 30s.

Coupled with our current lifestyle that prioritises everything else apart from ourselves, skin ageing becomes more apparent. Stress, lack of sleep, eating at irregular times, smoking, the over-consumption of caffeine, alcohol and sugar, among others, contribute to the quick deterioration of our skin.

However, it’s difficult to find the right products for our Asian skin.

Our Skin

Due to the hot and humid weather, not all skincare products available suit our Asian skin

South East Asia countries are prone to hot, humid and dry weather most of the time. Asian skin comes with its own unique set of skin issues which makes Western formulations half-effective on our skin.

Heat and humidity will cause dry skin, where moisture escapes in the form of sweat. Sweating is a healthy process for our skin.

Oil-producing glands called sebaceous glands are connected to our pores which secrete oil that naturally hydrates skin. However, when dead skin, dirt, and oil are mixed together, it will cause build-up. This is how acne, blackhead and whitehead are formed.

Emotional stress is a major factor for breakouts.  Once we are stress, a chemical response will affect our skin to ineffectively repair itself. Hence, it is extremely important that everyone takes great care of their skin.

Living & Pace

A local skincare brand which caters to our Asian skin

The beauty industry is a multi-billion industry worldwide. In Malaysia, the personal care segment alone garnered RM 1.36 billion, as of March 2019!

Currently, local Malaysian brands are on the rise. Our export trade rose by 100% in June 2018 compared to June 2017.

Living & Pace is a new beauty brand from Malaysia with a focus on creating affordable and effective skincare products. The lack of well-researched skincare products in the market became Living & Pace’s main factor in developing their products.

The brand encourages that beauty is a form of self-care. ‘In this fast-paced ear, people lose touch with their own feelings and lives so the message we want to say with Living & Pace is to love yourself and carve some ME time.” says Elston Mak, founder of Living & Pace.

Despite a busy life, it is also a personal joy. Such as breathing in fresh air during holidays, that is the feeling which the brand wanted to portrait.

In the meantime, Living & Pace took the initiatives to work closely with formulators, scientists and chemists from Singapore, Japan, Korea and Franch to discuss and create the latest formula for proper skincare for a healthy glow.

A Series of Skincare

Applying a facial mask to your skincare regime will help your skin to rejuvenate
Photo by Living & Pace

Living & Pace’s series of products contained natural active ingredients. The products are alcohol-free, does not contain artificial pigments and fragrance.

Moreover, no animals are harmed during the production of Living and Pace’s products.

Here are Living & Pace’s series.

The Valley – Anti-Air Pollution Series

The Valley Set

The Valley series uses plant extracts such as aloe vera, sea fennel, spirulina and rosemary leaf extract for restoration and hydration. Suitable for normal to combination skin which is exposed to pollution.

The Ocean – For Ageing, Dull Skin Series

The Ocean Set

The Ocean Series cater to exhausted skin. The series has anti-ageing and whitening properties which heal, soothe the skin using sea fennel, red algae and dulse seaweed. Suitable for those who are under stress, spending late nights or long period of time in an air-conditioned environment.

The Forest – Oil Control, Acne Series

The Forest Set

The Forest series help to treat oily and acne-prone skin. Botanical extracts like red algae, rose hips, aloe vera, horse chestnut, and tea tree oil, used in this range are chosen for their specific properties which strip away the bacteria and oils that clog pores on the skin.


Sunblock and The Hyaluronic Acid Spary

The Summer – Daily Sun Protection Series

This series is made for protecting skin from the harsh sun. Rich in Vitamin E and bisabolol, this sunblock is set to shield the skin against harmful UV rays and from sun damage.

The Rainfall – Skin Moisturizing Series

Water is the essence of life and The Rainfall product range contains galangal and hyaluronic acid which contains moisturising complex to enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It is the perfect product for those whose skin loses moisture easily and suitable for those who have an active lifestyle.

Proper Skincare For A Healthy Glow

Proper skincare for a healthy glow
Photo by Living & Pace

The pain of having bad skin is all too real and results in lowered confidence and self-esteem. We do what we can to avoid and improve our skin by starting a skin care regime, visiting a facial salon and investing in products to keep our skin protected and radiant.

Our fast-paced lives subject our skin to various different stressors. Air-conditioning. pollution. emotional stress, and the weather which contributed to bad skin.

Choosing the proper skincare is important to achieve glowing skin. Juggling between career, family and ME time can be tough. However, we need to adjust our lifestyle. Learning to prioritize will help us with time management and get things done effectively.

For more information about Living & Pace, please log on to their website, Facebook and Instagram.






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