Pivoting a Business During Crisis to Grow

The New Norm, Post-Pandemic

Businesses need to find ways to adapt to the current situation

We are moving towards the recovery phase in Malaysia. However, many businesses could not stay afloat during the MCO period and lost the battle. To survive, pivoting a business during crisis to grow is the best way.

Now is the trend whereby everyone is using the internet. Digitalization is making things easier for us as well. But for businesses, they need to adapt fast or lose out to their competitors.

One of these businesses is SCORE. They are a sports event organizer and they are badly affected by the pandemic.

Launching of FitoMojo Livestream Shopping Platform

Well-known sports event organizer pivots to navigate the new normal

SCORE has proven an SME can change directions quickly with the launch of FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping.

As an online live stream shopping service, whereby FitoMojo promotes selected products from participating brands directly to consumers who log in to watch. Each FitoMojo live streaming session takes two hours on Facebook during which consumers engage directly with promoters with regards to the promotions, and buy products on offer.

“We make it an entertaining and personal affair because we interact in real-time with consumers who log in to watch,” says Patricia Tan, the CEO of SCORE. “This is a key advantage over other forms of online selling where the transactions are impersonal.”

A New Platform For Sport Lovers

Focusing on sports, health, wellness and fitness-related products

SCORE’s FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping made its maiden broadcast in May this year. With its first three episodes of live streams achieving more than 10,000 views, the overall response has been encouraging. “This is a good start and we are eager to build a good momentum moving forward”.

Live stream shopping is a far cry from what SCORE had been doing just months earlier. SCORE is a household name among the nation’s runners, having organized one of Malaysia’s most popular annual running events called SCORE Marathon for the last six years.

“Nobody saw the pandemic coming and it hit us like a train. During the lockdown, mass participation sports were out of the question and will likely to remain so until a cure is found”.

Keep Surviving


Businesses need to adapt to changes

Businesses need to adapt to change severely and negatively affected, as a result, SCORE had to rethink to survive. “We brainstormed hard and eventually took notice of an emerging digital marketing trend from China,” Patricia explains. “The Chinese have proven live stream shopping works as a marketing tool with great success, especially when there is a following”.

SCORE has already built a strong rapport and trust among fitness enthusiasts due to its success in organizing running events over the past six years. Leveraging this strength, SCORE set up FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping to appeal to its established base with sports, health, wellness and fitness-related products that naturally interest them.

Ultimately, the plan is to complement the live streaming service with FitoMojo website, an e-commerce platform that will be launched in June. According to Patricia, the e-commerce platform will capture sales from and outside of the live-streaming sessions, creating a complementary sales channel to benefit participating brands even more. “The most effective live streaming campaigns always combine live streaming and e-commerce. Brands that are featured on our e-commerce platform will get a chance to be featured in our live streaming sessions too”.

For participating brands, FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping offers zero charges to feature their products. “FitoMojo is a new income source for participating brands. We are keen to make our live streaming service a win-win solution,” insists Patricia. To that end, Patricia welcomes any brands that are open to trying out live streaming as a marketing tool.

Pivoting a Business During Crisis to Grow

The back-end of FitoMojo Live Streaming

Encouraged by FitoMojo Live Stream Shopping’s initial success, Patricia is a believer in developing the courage to pivot a business to address the new challenges brought by the pandemic. Lessons learned as a runner are being brought to bear to seek out the opportunities that lie within.

“Running a business is no different than running a marathon because both are a mind game. If you think hard enough, you can do anything – even pivoting your entire business model”.


A one-stop sports and fitness event organiser

SCORE was founded in 2013 as a ONE-STOP sports and fitness event organiser. We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients and help them in delivering that great experience to participants so that they can focus on building their businesses.

We own and organise a variety of SCORE events such as:

  • SCORE Run – one of the fastest-growing runs in Malaysia.
  • SCORE Amazonian Race – an all-girl obstacle race.
  • SCORE WarZone – a military-themed obstacle race.
  • SCORE FitMob – the largest group fitness event in Malaysia.

We are the organiser of FitMalaysia nationwide roadshow, an initiative by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to transform Malaysia into a sporting nation. We also help our clients who want to organise events to achieve their business objectives.



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