MARIGOLD UHT Milk Donates More Than 40,000 Milk Packs to Underprivileged Children

MARIGOLD Bringing Joy To Underprivileged Children

PPR Sri Aman Jinjang, Kepong: Each household was given 6 packs of MARIGOLD UHT Milk 200ml

MARIGOLD, one of the top dairy beverage companies in Malaysia, is on a mission to ensure children living in low-income communities are getting the nutrition they need.

As part of the brand’s campaign initiative, Grow with Every Challenge, MARIGOLD has teamed up with Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR, also known as ‘People Housing Program’) to distribute approximately 43,000 packs of 200ml MARIGOLD UHT Milk to support families in the B40 group with young children.

Poh Eng Lip, General Manager of Malaysia Milk Sdn. Bhd., the manufacturer of MARIGOLD products said, “Access to nutrition is a universal right and as such, working with PPR provides us with the right access to support the B40 community in a meaningful way.”

PPR is an initiative by the Malaysian government to provide low-cost housing schemes for communities with a monthly income of RM2,500 or less.

This platform aims to connect isolated communities with impactors through social innovation and collective impact creation, especially regarding children and nutrition.

Good nutrition is a basic need and necessary in protecting against malnutrition.  However, Malaysians in the lower-income categories may not be in the financial position to acquire the necessary food they need for overall health and well-being.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused a loss of employment and a reduction in income, further driving the lack of access to healthy food. 

The MARIGOLD UHT Milk distribution takes place from 24 September to 15 October 2022.

An estimated 43,000 milk packs worth RM70,000 will be allocated to five PPR locations within the Klang Valley. And around 8,094 households will be reached through this initiative.

The five selected PPR locations are scheduled at: 

  • PPR Sri Aman, Kepong (1,499 households) – September 24, 2022
  • PPR Bukit Jalil 1 (1,735 households) – September 25, 2022
  • PPR Laksamana, Jalan Peel (1,616 households) – October 1, 2022
  • PPR Lembah Subang 2 (1,580 households) – October 2, 2022
  • PPR Kota Damansara (1,152 households) – October 15, 2022

The team from MARIGOLD UHT Milk were at two PPR locations last weekend – Kepong and Bukit Jalil. Both events turned out to be a great success. 

Puan Nazaria Binti Othman, Chairman of the PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil Residence Association remarked, “The campaign was well-received by the residents here.  We want to thank MARIGOLD for giving away free milk to every household. This initiative has benefitted the B40 group; lifting the burden of the parent’s shoulders by helping them to save costs.”

She says that the campaign should be continued in the future.

Encik Mohamed Nawaz Bin Hj Koya, Chairman of PPR Sri Aman Residence Association, shares the same appreciation.

He thanked MARIGOLD for selecting PPR Sri Aman as one of its chosen locations for milk distribution as 70% of its community comprises the B40 group. “They face many challenges and receiving free MARIGOLD UHT Milk, has helped them a little today,” he said.

Yap Jay Queen, Head of Marketing for Cotra Enterprises, the marketing division for Malaysia Milk said, “We are pleased to collaborate with PPR. This initiative is a way of showing our support to encourage daily milk consumption in underserved families with young children.”

MARIGOLD UHT Milk contains protein and a unique BonePlus formulation comprising vitamin D and calcium to build stronger, healthier bones.

Everyday milk, it’s important for children to start the day right with the right nutrients found in MARIGOLD UHT Milk which is available in three delicious full cream variants – Plain, Chocolate and Strawberry.

The brand also offers low-fat milk in plain and milk with Malt, which is high in calcium and contains 6 vitamins.

Grow With Every Challenge, Win Your Dream Contest

The contest page

In line with the brand’s campaign, MARIGOLD in collaboration with Sun Life Malaysia is also running a nationwide contest entitled “Grow with Every Challenge, Win Your Dream”, which starts from 1 September until 31 October 2022.

The objective of this contest is to provide the opportunity for parents with young children to help realise their child’s dreams and aspirations with cash and prizes worth up to RM100,000. 

To participate in the contest, here are two (2) simple steps:

  1. Purchase any of the following MARIGOLD UHT Milk products:
  • 1-Litre (1 pack)
  • 200ml x 6 packs (1 set)
  • 200ml x 3 packs (2 sets)

     2. Send the official receipt via WhatsApp to 017-560 0782, answer one question and stand a chance to win the following prizes: 

  • 1st Prize: RM20,000 cash x 1
  • 2nd Prize: RM10,000 cash x 1
  • 3rd Prize: RM5,000 cash x 6
  • Consolation Prize: Tablet x 15

“Nutrition challenges are not limited to economically disadvantaged families alone. We hope this contest provides a stepping stone to help families with young children get the right nutrition they need from MARIGOLD UHT Milk and at the same time, stand a chance to win amazing prizes that will bring them a step closer to realising their dreams,” Poh concluded.

To know more about the contest, visit the contest website




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