Mango Symphony: Savoring Every Delightful Bite Of Indian Mangoes

India And Their Mangoes

Fun facts: there are 1,200 species of mangoes in India

The High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur in partnership with the APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) and Economic Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs had organised a Flavour of Indian Mangoes themed, closed-door session at the Artisan’s Playground by CookHouse in Kuala Lumpur previously.

The event, Flavour of India Mangoes, was organised to spread awareness about Indian Mangoes, dissemination of e-catalogue with a list of top exporters of Indian mangoes and importation procedures and requirements in Malaysia.

Two varieties of Indian Mangoes such as Banganapalli and Kesar were made available by APEDA for display and tasting purposes.

Senior officials from the Malaysian Government including the External Trade Development Corporation and Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Resident Heads of Foreign Missions in Malaysia, supermarket chains, restaurateurs, chefs, importers of food products, media and food bloggers attended the event.

The event was graced by the High Commission of India to Malaysia His Excellency Mr. B.N. Reddy.

His Excellency addressed the crowd and highlighted a large and growing trade basket of India-Malaysia trade and the potential for Indian mango exports to Malaysia.

His Excellency also highlighted “With the recent set of approvals obtained from the Government of Malaysia, Indian mangoes can be imported into Malaysia, in large numbers.”

“Mangoes have the potential to boost and strengthen this engagement further,” said Senior Principal Assistant Director from Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Encik Muhammad Ghiyathuddin.

A brief presentation on the Indian mangoes and their export potential was made by First Secretary, Ms C. Sushma, followed by a fun quiz on mangoes.

India is the world’s largest producer of mangoes accounting for over 45% of the world’s mango production with an annual production of 22 million tonnes.

India exports their mangoes to 39 countries and almost all states in India produce mangoes.

While India is home to over 1,200 mango varieties, at least 20 of them are commercially produced.

Varieties such as Alphonso, Banganepalle, Kesar, Totapauri are some of the leading export of Indian mangoes. Each of the mango varieties has its distinctive flavour profile, texture and sweetness.

India-Malaysia bilateral trade in Financial Year 2022-23 reached almost US$20 billion and India exported over US$1.5 billion of food and agricultural products to Malaysia.

Given certain procedural difficulties in the last couple of years, Indian mango exports to Malaysia were limited.

Malaysia’s Government has now approved three Irradiation Facilities in India that allows Indian mangoes to be exported to Malaysia. Therefore, the imports of Indian mangoes into Malaysia can once again resume, in large numbers.

The High Commission of India has been working with the Agricultural & Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA) of India to promote Indian mangoes in Malaysia.

A virtual Buyer Seller Meet was held earlier on 12 May 2023 with the participation of over 120 Indian mango exporters and Malaysian importers.

As part of the mango promotion efforts, APEDA sent two varieties of Indian mangoes (Banganapalle and Kesar) to Malaysia.

These mangoes were displayed at the Event and a variety of dishes were prepared for an exclusive tasting ceremony organized during the event.

The guests savoured the Indian mangoes and mango dishes such as mango shakes, Aamras, Mango Tart and cut mango pieces.

Import requirements for Mangoes and the list of top exporters of Indian mangoes can be found on the High Commission of India website.

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