Ma-Kasih, A Digital Platform To Help Those In Need During COVID-19

Ma-Kasih, A Digital Platform To Help Those In Need During COVID-19

Ma-Kasih, a digital platform to help those who are in need

A group of young Malaysians have come up with a website that connects those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic to those who can help, and vice versa.

The Ma-Kasih website is easy to use: users can choose between two options, whether it’s ‘I need help’ or ‘I want to help’.

The website is in 3 languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese.

“We are Malaysians for Malaysians,” the founder, Shern Low, told 

 “It is our responsibility as Malaysians to help,” Faiz Rahman, who is in charge of business operations and public relations, added.

If you think Ma-Kasih is not different from other COVID-19 initiatives that have sprouted so far, it is because it is not different after all.

The only difference, and arguably its strength, is that it is a digital platform.

The White Flag Movement In Malaysia

Based on the white flags campaign, to help Malaysians who are in need

This idea is based on the white flags campaign – whereby Malaysians who are in need wave a white flag to signal their distress and need for aid.

“We aim to elevate these white flag bearers to a visible platform so that it is easier for others to reach out to them,” the Ma-Kasih team said.

“In addition to that, volunteers who are willing to help will be coordinated in such a way to maximise the amount of help that can be distributed.”

On the Ma-Kasih website, when you click ‘I need help, you will be asked to fill a form listing your details, such as name, address, phone number, and describe your situation, i.e. the items you need.

For those of you who come to offer help, click on ‘I want to help’ and you will be directed to an interactive map where you can click at a specific location to see who needs what items and what form of aid.

After that, you then can deliver the items to them by yourself or through delivery services such as GrabCar. You can also register for those that do not have digital access to the Ma-Kasih website.

The Team

The Ma-Kasih team members

Aside from Shern Low and Faiz Rahman, 5 other young Malaysians are behind the Ma-Kasih initiative:

  • Lim Khai Xi (co-founder; development team)
  • Peh Zheng Yan (co-founder; development team)
  • Kheeran K Naidu (technology lead)
  • Oung Xiong Jing (media and marketing)
  • Kevin Chin (business operation and finance)

They are both graduate students and young professionals, with some of them based in the United Kingdom.

The name Ma-Kasih is an abbreviation for ‘Malaysia Kasih’ which means Malaysia cares in Malay, signalling the Malaysian spirit of love and care during this troubling time.

For those in need, the Ma-Kasih team said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We will get through this together!”

For Enquiries

To get in touch with the Ma-Kasih team

To get connected to Ma-Kasih:

You can also get in touch through the following:





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