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Learn A Trade Day was formed by entrepreneurs from a networking group known as Upcoming Billionaire Club – UBC. UBC members consist of entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs, who are connected through social media, gatherings, and events by showing support and contributing to each other’s businesses. Members are welcome to share business opportunities, collaborations, resources, ideas, connections, and experiences during these ‘meet-ups’.

UBC was founded by Mr. Rajah Ganesan in 2103, a self-funded business group with a vision of connecting entrepreneurs and professionals to collaborate, and to achieve success financially and socially. Currently, UBC members communicate with each other through Whatsapp. There are 3 groups – UBC 1, 2 and 3, close to 300 members from different industries such as:

  • Education, training and speaking
  • Property and development
  • Transportation
  • Health and beauty
  • Fashion and design
  • Social media, digital, IT and technology
  • F&B, custom dining and bakers
  • Marketing – branding, advertising, and public communications
  • Music and entertainment
  • Events, lighting, and sound system
  • Retail related services – shopping centres
  • Health, living and fitness
  • Trading
  • Professional services – lawyers, audit and accounting, copywriting, will writing, financial services, investment, insurance, designers and human resources
  • Children related and development
  • Art, photography and videography
  • Speed dating services
  • Car trading, repair, tinting, and cleaning
  • Printing services
  • Corporate gifts
  • Books and publishing
  • Optometrist
  • Modern and traditional medicine
  • Coffee distributor
  • And more


Learn A Trade Day – LATD was created by UBC with a mission to bring 13 entrepreneurs to share their experiences, expertise and ideas with other UBC members. Each speaker shared on a topic within their industry such as how they sustain their business, customers retention, understanding personality, marketing advantages, how to sell or pitch to the right target audience, and more. Here are few of the speakers for LATD:

  • Naseer Bhatti – Founder and Managing Director, Abee Rugs

Mr. Bhatti started off with a humble beginning by helping his cousin’s carpet business after moving from Pakistan to Malaysia without any knowledge about carpets and its industry. He learned the skills by observing the craftsmanship of Persian carpet weavers, and now with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Bhatti is known as Malaysian’s Carpet King! Currently, he holds a major role in furnishing and beautifying homes and offices of well-known CEOs and personalities of Malaysia.

Topic – How to Make a VVIP Your Good Customer

Customer is the key success to every business, but a VVIP customer is the king of all customers! It takes something special to create a bond with your VVIPS who are loyal with you and support your business. Mr. Bhatti shares his expertise in being open while approaching your clientele by using the simplest way such as sending a happy birthday message, congratulations, happy new year and etc. Clients tend to remember small or personal touches like these, and with free apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook is a great tool for entrepreneurs to use.

  • Kevin Teoh – Director, Vankross

Mr. Teoh has more than 12 years of experience in the healthcare and education industry with few notable clients under his profile such as – MIU University, Pantai Holdings, Apex Healthcare Bhd and the Curve Shopping Centre. His mission is to provide a better online presence for entrepreneurs and SMEs using functional online lead generation services.

Topic – 5 Website No-Nos

With our current digital age, website is an important online marketing tool for many companies. It is the 1st platform for creating awareness for a company, informing the public on your product or services and providing a sense of ‘trust’ or reassurance. Mr. Teoh shared that many companies failed to maintain their website with the latest content, visuals, and info.

  • Ivy Hew – Founder and Director, Dynamic Trends Resources Sdn Bhd (DTR Group)

Ivy Hew is a well know figure within Malaysia’s retail industry. She started out as a humble Account Assistant and slowly, she progressed from a Purchaser, Product Manager, General Manager and a Director in few different companies ranging from heavy industry, textile, fashion and apparel, retailing and consultancy. One of her most memorable achievement was, leading Hush Puppies brand in its growth from 1 to 10 outlets and increase their revenue by 10 times! She has managed few well-known brands – Hush Puppies, Hallmark Babies USA, Mickey and Friends, Disney and more. She also successfully developed and launched the very first Hallmark Babies concept shop in the world, and the fist Nike Kids Shop in South East Asia (SEA).

Topic – The Power of Relationship

As the saying goes, ‘No Man is an Island’. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, where relationship plays a major role in influencing business decisions. From building trust to establishing loyalty, relationships can make or break a business deal. She highlights how networking and relationships supports companies and even industries.


A ‘speed dating’ session is prepared for all the attended members after the break. It is actually a business matching session, whereby entrepreneurs are given a change to introduce themselves and shared what is their core business. This will help entrepreneurs be match to the right prospect and open up opportunities.

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