Launching of UYA Asia, A New E-Commerce Platform

Access to the internet is so convenient now. Photo credits to Pixabay.

The Internet

These days, it is so easy and convenient to access the internet. Majority of us will be accessing the internet while we are on the go, at school, work or at home.

Internet users actively used the internet for:

  • Communication via messaging platforms.
  • Accessing social media sites.
  • Searching for information.
  • Downloading or streaming of movies/music/images/reading materials.
  • For study or work.
  • Online shopping.
  • Banking services.
  • Playing games.
  • And more.

With the convenience of the internet, many things can be done through the web which saves time and effort. It’s no surprise that the number of internet users increased from 35.3% in 2015 to 48.8% in 2016. The survey was conducted on 43.9 million mobile-cellular subscribers.

The Rise of Internet Shopping

There are many online shopping platforms in Malaysia.
Photo credits to Pixabay.

The rise of internet shopping is very significant, especially in South East Asia. Malaysia is one of the booming countries as well. More e-commerce brands and platforms are penetrating into Malaysia. There are 21.9 million internet users in Malaysia which are 68% of the population.

Close to 11 million (49% in 2017) of them are online shoppers. The online shoppers have an increase of 13.7% compared to 2016. Around 2.8 million (25%) of these internet users are active online shoppers who shopped on a monthly basis.

Still, there are rooms to grow for Malaysia’s e-commerce industry. Key players such as Lazada, Zalora and more are targeting online shoppers across Malaysia and South East Asia.

Launching of UYA Asia, A New E-Commerce Platform

Launching of UYA Asia

Launching of UYA Asia, a new e-commerce platform and the first Entertainment Market Hub in Asia. UYA Asia offers both the end consumers and merchants a simple and easy procedure for them to be part of the online platform.

While UYA strives to provide a platform that caters to the public, the team behind this online platform make sure all businesses which wanted to take up space on UYA site must go through a stringent quality check before going live.

“At UYA Asia, we are extremely diligent in ensuring that the merchants that sign up at our site are of quality. This will ensure that both the customers and business owners can enjoy a seamless online shopping experience at UYA Asia,” says Philip.

Philip highlights that UYA Asia is placing customer service at the pinnacle of its service by dedicating a large team to assist every business account holders who are aboard with UYA Asia.

UYA Asia

Mr Philip Chow, Founder and CEO of UYA Asia

UYA Asia is a unique e-commerce platform and business hub with a vision set to bring online shopping experience to another level!

Their mission is to provide continuous support to SMEs by bringing them towards a new paradigm of doing business. UYA online business hub aims to create opportunities for individuals and SMEs by leveraging on their platform. Merchants can build their e-commerce businesses and increase their online presence within the digital industry through various supports and marketing efforts.

UYA Asia emphasises on quality merchants and excellent customer service. UYA’s team takes meticulous quality control steps on their merchants. Merchants are required to register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) first before their products are assessed, approved and allowing them to be UYA’s merchant.

UYA company’s core values lie in these three Chinese characters:

  • 信(念)Trust & Believe
  • 忠(诚)Loyal & Reliable
  • 人(情)Our People & Passion

Services offered through UYA Asia

The rise of e-commerce platforms

Products and Services

UYA Asia offers both products and services through their online platform ranging from fashion and beauty products to health and fitness products, branding and marketing services, audiovisual services and many more.

Advertisement packages

Advertising packages are available for merchants who want to increase their visibility for their products and services using UYA Asia platform.


Merchants can engage with UYA Asia ambassadors (renowned influencers and bloggers) for product reviews and create how-to videos to gain traction in sales and visibility.

Events & Marketing

UYA Asia provides various offline marketing activities to drive traffic and sales for merchants with the Offline – Online – Offline strategy.


Individuals or SMEs can approach UYA Asia’s team for advice and consultation to get the best strategy for their e-commerce business. Consultation includes business setup, registration and regular follow-ups to ensure merchants’ businesses are running well.


UYA Asia is committed to providing comprehensive training modules for their merchants to utilise UYA Asia’s platform to its fullest.

Launching of UYA Asia, A New E-Commerce Platform

Launching of UYA Asia

Launching of UYA Asia, a new e-commerce platform was held at Sheraton Hotel, PJ on 28 November 2017. Closed to 300 invited guests and members of the media attended the launch. 

There were lines of booth set up inside the grand ballroom with major brands displaying their products and services for guests to learn and experience.

For more information UYA Asia, please log onto their Facebook or website.





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