KSK Land Adopts Delve Software By Sidewalk Labs

Better And More Efficient: KSK Land Adopts Delve Software By Sidewalk Labs

KSK Land adopts Delve software by Sidewalk Labs – the first Malaysian company to do so

Lifestyle property developer KSK Land recently announced that it will be using a software called Delve in its work process, becoming the first Malaysian company to do so.

Delve is a digital master planning tool that utilises machine learning and computational design to help developers optimise their urban plans by providing better information, in less time and with fewer redesigns.

The software was created by New York-based urban innovation company Sidewalk Labs. With the help of Delve, KSK Land hopes to generate sustainable developments through real-time data.

“As a lifestyle and design property company, we constantly struggle with making thousands of decisions whilst juggling between dozens of variables that contribute to a homeowner’s quality of life,” Joanne Kua, Chief Executive Officer of KSK Group and Managing Director of KSK Land, said in a press conference recently.

“These decisions that are made early in the process, especially in the master-planning stage, may lead to unforeseen impacts later on or even spell the make or break of a project’s financial and marketing viability. With Delve, we will be able to discover the design option that delivers the most optimal and sustainable lifestyle outcomes for our customers.”

Energy-Saving Tool

KSK Land wants to prioritise their commitment to Malaysia’s Low Carbon Cities Framework

KSK Land also aims to use Delve in order to prioritise sustainability. This is in line with the company’s commitment to Malaysia’s Low Carbon Cities Framework.

Delve will determine the best design options to maximise energy efficiency, thus optimising sunlight exposure and enhancing walkability to amenities in order to simultaneously reduce vehicle reliance and carbon emissions altogether.

“Sidewalk Labs is committed to radically improving the quality of life in cities for all. Delve helps achieve this through holistic, quantitative, and transparent urban design,” Okalo Ikhena, Co-Head of Delve, Sidewalk Labs, said. “KSK Land is a leader that continues pushing boundaries of development in Southeast Asia and around the world. We are excited to see how much further they can drive the priority outcomes that matter to the communities they operate in through their use of Delve.” 

Sidewalk Labs describes itself as a company that creates products and solutions, invests in new companies, and helps developers build more sustainable, innovative, and equitable places around the world.

Meanwhile, KSK Land is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KSK Group Berhad, an established Malaysian investment holding company. Founded in 2013, it has a presence across much of Southeast Asia.

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