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Be A Part Of Malaysia’s Innovative Pet Taxi Service – JOJO

JOJO Pet introduces a brand-new pet taxi service in Malaysia

We’ve all heard of the hugely popular delivery and e-hailing startups that have taken over many parts of the world by storm, but there is another facet of the logistics and transportation trend that’s picking up pace, and that’s the pet taxi services sector.

What’s more, there are plenty of reasons for investors and merchants alike to consider this fast-growing market as a potentially rewarding opportunity.

The Pitch

JOJO Pet ensures that all transport used to transport your pet are well-equipped with the necessary safety equipment

Have you ever needed to shuttle your pet from one part of town to the next? You’ll find that many available options out there may not be as accommodating or reliable as you’d expect. This is where the JOJO Pet Taxi App strives to solve a prominent problem.

It’s only natural that pet owners would want the best for their furry loved ones in every facet of their lives.

Transportation is no less important than food, shelter, or healthcare, since a long, bumpy, and uncomfortable ride can leave pets scared, confused, and even traumatized from the bad trip. On top of that, there are a host of other pertinent issues that JOJO Pet aims to fix like efficiency, speed, and convenience.

How Does It Work?

Dashboard camera and pet camera will be installed in every vehicle for assurance and safety

The concept is simple and quite similar to most e-hailing services. Pet owners must download the JOJO Pet’s taxi app which allows them to easily set an appointed time and location for their pets to be picked up.

From there, a driver will be notified and make his or her way to the destination, picking up the pets and transporting them to wherever they need to be. There’s no need for any other extended phone calls or conversations before applying for a ride because the mobile app ensures that all details and requirements are arranged beforehand.

JOJO Pet comes with a host of features and precautions.

Firstly, transportation will come ready with all the necessary safety equipment for the pets. This includes a seatbelt, seat covers and safety nets that are there to keep customers’ pets as secure and comfortable as possible.

Optimal hygiene is also practised while onboard while drivers are carefully screened, inspected, and trained before they are recruited to ensure they can get the job done as effectively as possible.

This is also to assure customers that their pets are in good hands with well-trained and experienced drivers who know how to handle animals well. On top of this reassurance, dashboard cameras and pet cameras are installed in all the JOJO Pet vehicles to reinforce safety and ethical measures.

Taking The Pet Taxi Market To New Heights

The JOJO Pet team took ten months to develop the technology

The team behind JOJO Pet is dedicated to the consistent development for an enhanced customer experience along with better growth opportunities within the market.

With rapid expansion in mind, they have taken ten months to evaluate, conceptualize and perfect the technology powering the JOJO Pet taxi app, compiling feedback after countless trial runs and making drastic improvements to various aspects of the system before even launching the product in its entirety.

This means that customers are guaranteed a seamless experience that meets their concerns for better pet transportation options in Malaysia.

The team is clearly passionate about the improvement of optimal efficiency and quality, upholding the promise of seamless journeys and experiences for customers and investors while retaining app functionality through speed and convenience.

The time for each appointed journey is greatly reduced because there’s no need for additional calls, confirmations or checks before customers can use the pet taxi service – everything is set beforehand in the app itself.

An Open Invitation For Merchants And Investors

“This is our ultimate goal: to support the pet industry on a global scale where every pet lover on earth can enjoy a seamless journey whenever and wherever they are with comfort and convenience.” KC, Founder of JOJO Pet

JOJO Pet is also aiming to build a comprehensive pet-tech ecosystem for business owners and investors to establish additional revenue channels. The team is extending an invitation to pet business owners to sign up for the JOJO Pet’s taxi mobile application as merchants, where they can rely on the platform to provide better services for their current customers while sourcing for new prospects via digital exposure.

At least 200 pet grooming businesses have already been in contact with the team at JOJO Pet, and that’s within Klang Valley alone.

In time, JOJO Pet hopes to consolidate its efforts with a number of various pet businesses from clinics and training centres to accommodations and stays as well as pet supply shops throughout the country.

The highly optimized pet taxi mobile application can help merchants with their reach, extending their services beyond individual locality which in turn can lead to stronger revenue growth in the long run for JOJO Pet partners.

The team is confident that a cooperative measure among all pet-related businesses and investors can accelerate market penetration and push growth to new heights.

Investors or pet business owners who are interested to be part of JOJO Pet’s journey can indicate their interest by contacting

For more information about JOJO Pet, kindly check out their website, Facebook and Instagram.


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