JOJO Pet Taxi Advocates Mental Well-Being in Malaysia

Serving All Pet Owners 

JOJO Pet Taxi is ready to serve Malaysia with its first batch of professionally trained pet taxi drivers

JOJO Pet Taxi is ready to serve paw-rents in Malaysia with their first batch of professionally trained pet taxi drivers.

JOJO Pet has successfully trained Malaysia’s first batch of pet taxi drivers, and they are ready to assist pet owners to ferry their beloved furry friends for grooming appointments and more. 

They have launched Malaysia’s first-ever pet taxi app with a mission to support pet lovers in the country by providing reliable taxi services, especially in this fast-paced digital era.

“The first batch of drivers have undergone a stringent inspection before they were allowed to attend the training. They have passed all required criteria and are now certified as a professional pet taxi driver,” says Seow Kim Chin (KC), the founder of JOJO Pet.

“Pet owners can stay worry-free as our drivers are pet owners themselves, and they have the necessary experience to handle pets in various situations during the drive.”

One notable essential skill that the pet taxi drivers gained through the training is performing first aid on pets should the need arise. “This, I believe, will also put pet owners’ minds at ease knowing that their pets are in good hands.”

JOJO Pet aims to provide convenience to pet owners with par excellence service so that the owners do not have to worry about carving out time to deal with unnecessary traffic congestions and parking limitations.

User-Friendly Mobile App

JOJO Pet, Malaysia’s first-ever pet taxi app

KC assures pet owners that the JOJO Pet Taxi app is easily accessible via mobile phone and it is extremely easy to use. “Pet owners will only need to press a few buttons, and a pet taxi driver will be ready to pick up their pets and drive them to the destination,” KC explains. 

JOJO Pet Taxi places passengers’ safety as its top priority. All transportations under JOJO Pet Taxi service are equipped with pet seatbelts, safety nets, and seat covers with top-notch hygiene levels to ensure its passengers will enjoy a safe and comfortable journey. 

Every taxi is also equipped with a dash-cam to ensure that the journey remains uncompromised. “Pet owners who use our app can also track the taxis that their pets are in to ensure they arrive at their destinations safely,” says KC. 

KC believes that JOJO Pet Taxi complements the current lifestyle of pet owners in Malaysia by providing par excellence services for both the owners and pets, especially during these times when time seems to be a precious commodity in this hectic era. 

Advocating Mental Well-Being

Having pets in our lives helps us, especially in promoting the health of our mental well being

“According to a report by the United Nations in 2021, the pandemic had a devastating effect on people’s mental health across all ages. Having pets in our lives helps us, especially in promoting the health of our mental well being,” shares KC.

“The World Health Organisation has conducted a survey and reported that mental health and psychological support were included in their COVID-19 response plans. Many people, in fact, turned to have pets as their companions that elevates the stress of having to be quarantined for a long period of time,” KC added. 

Hence the reason why JOJO Pet advocates the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and positive mental well-being by providing a service that is necessary in these current times and takes away a predicament that is faced by many pet owners. 

Moving Forward

JOJO Pet at Pet Fiesta which was held at Setia City Convention Centre

JOJO Pet is participating in two pet events to create awareness of their services and open up opportunities for pet lovers to be pet taxi drivers as well.

They were at Pet Fiesta which was held at Setia City Convention Centre from 25 to 27 March 2022, and the upcoming Pet Expo at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from 13 to 15 May 2022. 

With rapid expansion plans planned out in 2022, JOJO Pet is also inviting investors to join in their mission to grow their services and expand their offerings to pet owners in Malaysia, and eventually to the world. Those interested can contact KC Seow at 010 228 3035.

For more information about JOJO Pet, do check out their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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