How To Dress For A Fantastic Presentation

Like it or not, it is our human culture that we need to Dress to Impress!

Human Culture

It is our human culture that we are required to Dress to Impress! Regardless where we are, our culture, what the occasion is, we need the right attire to suit that particular moment.

Choosing the right attire not only emphasises strongly on our personal branding, but it represents another form of respect. It reflects who we are, our personality, and confidence.

We’ve heard that there is a dress code for:

  • Weddings.
  • Formal dinner.
  • Interview.
  • In the office or corporate.
  • During a presentation and more.

In this case, how can we dress to impress for a fantastic presentation?

During a presentation, we would want our listeners to pay attention to the presentation itself. Our attention span lasts only for 20 minutes and you definitely would not want to distract your audience’s precious time.

How To Dress For A Fantastic Presentation

Capturing your audience attention is crucial.

As you want your audience to pay attention to you, your personal branding must be strong. Clothes are not just a garment, it reflects your personal branding as well. So, how to dress for a fantastic presentation?

Here are few tips to help you prepare for your next presentation.

Always dress your best!

To capture your target audience attention, you need to dress as well. If possible, dress one step ahead of your audience. All eye will be on you, it’s good to wear something which suits your presentation.

You may choose either a business casual, semi-casual or in a formal suit. But most importantly, understand who are the audiences and where the presentation will be held. Under or over-dress may not look good for a presenter.

Dress to showcase your profession

It is important to dress to showcase your profession. understand your presentation and where it’s going to be held. If you are not sure, you can opt for a pair of jeans, business shirt and a jacket (business casual). Invest in a good pair of jacket as it will elevate your look and profession further.

Or better yet, if you have a company tee which highlights your brand logo. It’s not necessary to wear a formal suit. Choosing the right dress code for your presentation shows your confidence level as well. Once you are comfortable in your attire, you may present and speak better and confidently.

Dress accordingly

To dress accordingly means wearing something which suits you personally. If you are an entrepreneur, dress like one. Instead of shorts and T-shirt.

Make sure that your attire is well kept, iron and there are not unwanted stains showing. This reflects how sloppy, untidy and unprofessional you are. It’s alright to play with colour, but avoid sequins, sheer top, and figure-hugging attire.


It’s good to play around with minor accessories as it will glam-up your look. Just like anything else, less is more! Don’t kill your look with chunky necklace or earrings.

Not to forget, tone down on your makeup, especially for ladies. Stick to neutral tone for a professional look. A touch of red either your lipstick or blush is perfect enough! As for men, facial hair can be an accessory. Make sure your beard is well kept and groom.

Applying strong or too much perfume will make your audience feel uncomfortable. When it comes to scent, it’s an individual preference. You may like the scent; however, another person may find it overwhelming.

Avoid eating greasy food, petai, durian, garlic and onions.

The unpleasant smell will make people lose concentration as they wanted to ignore or evade it. This will be their core focus until the smell fades away. By then, you have lost precious time on your objectives.

However, you may still chew some mint before your session starts. This helps to eliminate the smell or reduced it. And, drink plenty of water. Not juices, coffee or other beverages. Plain water is the best to help you reduce bad breath.

Smoke before a presentation

Avoid smoking at all caused before your presentation. Cigarette tends to leave a distinctive tobacco smell which will linger on your clothes, hair and skin. Not to mention, your breath as well. Walking into a conference room smelling like tobacco may be overwhelming for some people, especially non-smokers.


Wearing an attire which you are comfortable with shows your confidence level.

Make sure you are comfortable with your presentation. Since you are the speaker, all eyes will be on you. Dress in something which allows you to move freely and you are comfortable in. It’s also important for you to be well groom. This shows a mutual kind of respect and your professionalism.

Since we are representing a company, we need to look that part. If not, how would your audience take you seriously? As you build your confidence, it will be easier for you to capture your audience’s attention with your presentation.


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