Hassle-Free With the Latest Coworking Space

Our Space and MasteryAsia Press Launch

Hassle-Free With the Latest Coworking Space

A hassle-free with the latest coworking space is something which many entrepreneurs and business owners preferred these days as their work place. And why not, there are plenty of benefits that come together and you won’t feel alone, especially for solo-preneurs. 

Benefits for having a coworking space allows us to:

This is one of the latest trends which appeals to many entrepreneurs and business owners. One of the reason is that they just need a private space to complete their tasks. Most of these tasks are paperwork, admin stuff and items which can be completed via online. Our Space and MasteryAsia is introducing a hassle-free with the latest co-working space in Malaysia.

Our Space and MasteryAsia Joining Hands In Malaysia

(From Left to Right) Mr Dean Edward, Director of Asia for Our Space, Mr Kevan Halliwell, Chief Executive Officer of Our Space, And Mr KC See, Founder of MasteryAsia

Our Space is a global United Arab Emirates company and they are partnering with MasteryAsia to introducing the latest coworking space in Malaysia. They started Our Space in Marabella, Spain and followed by Dubai, soon. Next, the company is expanding to Manchester, Leeds, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Miami and Hong Kong.

Coworking spaces are the fastest growing sector in the commercial real estate industry worldwide, particularly in Asia. Before long, Malaysia will be seeing the first Our Space centre opening in Kuala Lumpur. Our Space is planning to open 50 co-working centres in 12 cities across the globe within the next five years.

“From the outset, we have been building a global business designed and carefully executed to stake our claim as a pioneer in the coworking industry. Our first locations have been strategically planned across Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East, setting Our Space up for swift and decisive expansion around the world over the next few years,” said Kevan Halliwell, Chief Executive Officer at Our Space. “Together with MasteryAsia, we are excited to have Malaysia be part of our continued success story.”

The Coworking Trend

Our Space Introduction
Video by Our Space

Coworking spaces have been creating a buzz within the entrepreneur, SME and business owner communities around the world. Flexible workspaces improve productivity and sociability. Our Space offers a world’s first in coworking landscape with value-added amenities. The interior of Our Space offices are designed with luscious greeneries, ample (natural) sunlight, and water features.

A well-known figure within Our Space membership experience is non-other than Mr Sean Phillips as the Chief Operating Officer. He is the founding member of the renowned Fitness First brand, who has credited to the company’s growth of 1.6million membership in 18 countries!

Apart from the virtual membership, private offices, dedicated desks, Our Space members can look forward to world-class facilities such as:

  • Meeting rooms.
  • Bike share.
  • Fitness and yoga classes.
  • At-desk shoulder massage.
  • A hydration with mineral activated.
  • Alkalised and fruit infused water.
  • Zen and tantrum room.


Mr KC See, Founder of MasteryAsia During The Media Launch

Currently, Our Space and MasteryAsia are offering a chance for interested parties to invest in the up-coming Our Space centre in Kuala Lumpur.

“We are very proud that Our Space has chosen Kuala Lumpur as part of its global expansion plans. MasteryAsia is excited to work with Our Space to offer coworking spaces of international standard in Malaysia. For entrepreneurs who love nature or feel that they are less stressed when they are outdoors, Our Space is the perfect workspace solution. Of the available options locally, they offer a truly differentiated and innovative environment that combines the best business amenities with a beautifully natural habitat,” revealed KC See, founder of MasteryAsia, “we are confident that this offering will be very well received in Malaysia.”


Our Space International

Our Space


Our Space is a global coworking brand headquartered in Dubai offering the world’s first flexible workspace environments committed to connecting humans, nature and technology through thoughtful design and an unparalleled member experience.  With 50 locations set to open in over 12 key cities across the globe in the next five years, Our Space is set to change the landscape of coworking for the long term.

The first Our Space business centre opened in Marbella, Spain in February 2017, with sites in Dubai, Leeds, Manchester, Miami, Hong Kong and Singapore scheduled to open in the next few months. To find out more, please visit www.ourspace.work.



MasteryAsia was established in 1997 as a well-known training, coaching and mentoring platform. They have trained over 300,000 members globally from:

  • South East Asia
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa and North America.

Their programmes are customised to suit their members individually as to guide, mentor and train them. MasteryAsia’s objectives are, to coach and mentor individuals, so they can achieve their financial independence and business success through customised workshops.

For more information on Our Space property investment, please check out www.masteryasia.com.

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