Fox Traffic’s XinLu Pothole Patch Makes Sealing Potholes Easily

Now, Patching Up Potholes Are As Easy As 1,2,3

Potholes pose a lot of safety hazards to road users and cause millions of ringgit in damages

Potholes are one of the major contributing factors to serious accidents that result in severe injuries and fatalities for both motorcyclists and motorists. In addition to high maintenance and repair costs that can accumulate to millions of ringgit.

Fox Traffic Sdn Bhd, a company with 14 years of experience in the traffic flow industry, is proud to announce its revolutionary solution to repair and reinforce potholes.

To address these issues, Fox Traffic has identified a new product for pothole patching – the “XinLu”    (新路 –  New road) Pothole Patch.

The product is extremely easy to use, more cost-efficient and proven to be just as durable as the traditional repair and maintenance methods. 

The XinLu Pothole Patch from China holds an international patent from the US.

It was introduced to Malaysia in 2019, the Pothole Patch has undergone numerous tests and also UMLAB tests. Many favourable outcomes ultimately provide clear evidence of the product’s high calibre and resilience.

Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) has also granted approval for the product to be used for temporary pothole road conservation in Malaysia. 

In line with this, Malaysia’s Government is committed to fixing and upgrading the roads in the country.

The government has allotted RM100,000 for each district so that the local council can address urgently needed repairs to potholes or concerns from the public.

Also, RM1.5 billion will be used to renovate and construct new rural roads in order to improve connectivity between urban centres and their surroundings.

The Pothole Patch has been demonstrated to endure for up to 2 to 3 years with proper application techniques, retaining the skid resistance reading far above JKR’s skid resistance criterion for road surfaces.

The “Senari-Desaru Expressway (E22) adopted this latest technique for its temporary pothole patching works. The XinLu patch material makes the repair and reinforcement of potholes relatively easier. The combination of the XinLu patch and the cold-mix material has made temporary pothole patching even more lasting, especially during the rainy seasons since it provides a waterproof layer which prevents surface runoffs and seepage. This, therefore, prolongs the lifespan of the temporary pothole patching when compared to the normal road maintenance method. Furthermore, we were able to reduce the cost and increase our workability to ensure the safety of road users.” Said Ts. Syed Ahmad, Head, Engineering and Maintenance Department of Senai-Desaru Expressway.

Product Installation

XinLu Pothole Patch is being tested by Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya

In addition to being user-friendly and environmentally friendly, the product is also cost-effective because it can be fixed by anyone with the basic tools and easy knowledge transfer.  

It is ideal for all public service sites such as expressways, housing areas, shopping malls, parking lots, tourist attractions, petrol stations, factories, ports, condominiums, apartments etc.

To make the installation simple and clear, Fox Traffic provides step-by-step video instructions and fixing method descriptions. Once affixed, the patched section can be reopened to traffic immediately without a curing time period requirement.

To ensure proper installation, Fox Traffic recommends the following guidelines:

  1. Do not install the patch in wet, oily or dusty conditions. The area to be covered must be cleaned of sand particles and dry in order for the patch to stick.
  2. Make sure the treated area does not have any structural issues. 
  3. The patch to be affixed must be larger than the pothole size to prevent water from seeping into the pothole. Otherwise, it will affect the performance of the product.
  4. The patch must be lightly heated especially on the edges before affixing it onto the bitumen to make sure the product sticks to the road immediately.
  5. When filling the pothole with cold/hot mix, the level of the filling must be at least 1-2cm higher than the existing road surface to prevent the treated area from sinking to below the existing road level.  Otherwise, it will potentially be another ponded area and dangerous for motorists.

 Product, Storage And Availability

Making sure that the products are not stacked more than 5 layers high

The pothole patch comes in two sizes:

  1. 50cm X 100cm (Box)
  2. 100cm X 500cm (Roll)

The shelf life of the products is between 3 and 5 years, therefore it’s best to keep them in a cool and dry place. In addition, make sure to prevent them from being stacked more than 5 layers high.

For further enquiries about Fox Traffic for XinLu Pothole Patches, you may check out their website or contact Mr Howie Gan at 012 – 350 8340.

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