Enjoy A Good Night Rest With Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket

Perfect Night’s Sleep with Jaserie’s Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket

Enjoy a good night rest with Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket

Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket is made of 100% breathable natural 300TC bamboo fabric that is soft, smooth and silky. The outer layer uses the cooling bamboo lyocell fibre while the inner part of the blanket includes 100% polyester padding and two extra polyester layers. While the Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket keeps you warm and cosy during cool nights, it also serves to keep you cool when the nights are warm thanks to the flexible and modular properties of bamboo.

It can retain moisture or release heat according to the body’s temperature allowing for a calm and relaxing sleep.

The hypoallergenic Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket is evenly filled with tiny glass beads. These tiny, lead-free glass beads are the ones that give the blanket its 7kg weight which mimics a therapeutic technique of deep pressure stimulation.

The glass beads are sewn together within a 10cm x 10cm size quilt which is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. No need to worry about the tiny glass beads spilling out because the blanket’s seven-layer structure seamlessly weaves together securing the beads within. 

This pressure helps calm the nervous system and improve one’s mood significantly ensuring a perfectly sound sleep. These tiny glass beads also possess the ability to regulate the blanket’s temperature according to the surrounding environment. 

The Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket is 100% Oeko-Tex certified, which proofs that the materials used to manufacture the blanket are free from harmful elements.

The Sleeping Companion

The Deep Sleep Pillow relieves headaches, neck and shoulder pain ensuring a quality rest at night.

Jaserie came out with their first product, the Deep Sleep Pillow made with memory foam and is also known as Supportive Polyurethane Foam. The memory foam has the ability to form to the contours of the head and neck to reduce rotation, enhance breathing as well as provide excellent pressure relief. 

It also includes a spinal realignment zone, shoulder relief zones and head relaxation zone to ensure comfort and enhances sleep quality. The Deep Sleep Pillow relieves headaches, neck and shoulder pain guaranteeing a good, deep slumber sleep throughout the night.

The Deep Sleep Pillow is sewn with its specially made Jaserie’s pillow cover. The inner cover of the pillow provides moisture absorption and ventilation to ensure maximum comfort while sleeping. 

The Deep Sleep Pillow is suitable for people with allergies as it is hypoallergenic, and also has antimicrobial properties that inhibit growth against bacteria, mould, mildew and other hazardous microbes. 

The Story Behind Jaserie


Jasper and his better half, Valerie.

The sweet story behind Jaserie’s brand and products is inspired by Jasper’s, the founder of Jaserie, love and empathy for his significant other, Valerie. 

Valerie is a go-getter entrepreneur who is always on the move. Her business was growing which elevated her stress and caused sleeplessness.

The constant strain on her sleep cycle eventually led her to experience incessant insomnia, experiencing a stiff neck, pain in her shoulders and persistent headaches.

She wakes up all the time to adjust her pillow’s position to find a comfortable spot to sleep, but to no avail during most of the nights. The lack of quality sleep led Valerie to be irritable and unproductive.

This is where Jasper decided to step in and take on a mission to help improve Valerie’s sleep.

He took this quote to heart:
“Anything that will make you more comfortable will improve the likelihood of getting a good night’s sleep.” – Dr Lawrence Epstein, a sleep expert at Harvard-affiliated Brigham.

Jasper noticed that ‘Regular Pillows’ are not supporting both the necks and shoulder properly. This is the main culprit of interrupted sleep. As he gathered more information and delved deeper into his research, he eventually crafted the ideal design of the Jaserie Deep Sleep Pillow. 

Its unique curve design placed right at the middle of the pillow is what made Jaserie Deep Sleep Pillow work. It allows the head to rest at just the right height which relieves the tension on the neck, shoulder and spine.

Valerie slept soundly night after night after using the Deep Sleep Pillow and eliminate the pain in her neck, shoulders and headaches. Now, Valerie enjoy a good night rest with Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket and Deep Sleep Pillow.

Enjoy A Good Night Rest With Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket

The comfortable and cosy Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep blankets.

To enjoy a good night rest, please log onto Jaserie’s website and social media for more information.


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