Perfect Italiano’s New Range Of Cheese

Perfect Pizza, Perfect Bakes, And Mexican Style

Cheese is becoming one of the most commonly used ingredients in cooking

In cooking, whether at home or by professionals, cheese is a versatile ingredient that enhances a dish’s flavour and texture, making it look more appetizing and taste better.

For Malaysians who are known for their love for food, especially creamy and savoury ones, cheese is becoming one of the most commonly used ingredients in cooking.

Not only does it enhance the flavour of dishes, but it also adds nutritional value due to its high protein and calcium content. With so many types to choose from, each one has unique qualities, offering consumers a wide selection of cheesy indulgences.

Perfect Italiano is one of the most popular brands among Malaysian homemakers. Providing a variety of culinary cheeses and ingredients made through traditional Italian cheese-making methods, you can easily add a touch of Italian flair to your meals!

With Perfect Italiano, home cooks will enjoy taking their baked goods and dishes to the next level, just like how professionals do it. 

Perfect Italiano recently introduced three new products that bring “gusto perfetto” (perfect taste) to your dishes. Specially crafted for the meals you love, the new range is made to complement your favourite pizzas, pasta or tacos, and also elevate your everyday Malaysian dishes!

For added convenience, they come readily pre-shredded, ready-to-be-used whenever you desire!

Featuring a new packaging size of 150g, the smaller portion is just the right size for a single meal.

Irene Cheah, Marketing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia, shared that the current Perfect Italiano assortment has received very positive responses, particularly in the last two years.

“In support of Fonterra’s aim to bring quality dairy products to more Malaysian homes, we have decided to expand the range offerings with these 150g packs, which are specifically designed for smaller households. Perfect Italiano is the No. 1 culinary cheese brand in Australia that is made with quality, high content of natural dairy in the country.”

“By making Perfect Italiano cheeses available in smaller 150g packs, families can now enjoy different types of cheese in various dishes on a more regular basis. As Malaysians enjoy sharing meals together and trying new recipes at home – these new Perfect Italiano cheese blend variants help home cooks add different flavours to their cooking, instantly elevating the overall taste and experience of food,” she added.

The Range

Perfect Italiano Perfect Pizza has a blend of Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan

If you love your pizzas stretchy with an impressive “cheese pull”, Perfect Italiano Perfect Pizza is the one to look for. A blend of Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan gives a superior melt every time, for a perfect balance of cheesiness and stretchiness that doesn’t turn oily.

Of course, the name Perfect Pizza suggests that it is ideal for making pizza at home. But did you know it can also elevate delectable Malaysian dish like Cheesy Roti Canai Sarang Burung Pizza? Yes, who says pizza cannot be adapted to suit Malaysia’s distinct tastes!

Perfect Italiano Perfect Bakes is packed with Cheddar is mixed with Mozzarella for an extra stretch

For baked goodies topped with cheese still bubbling from the oven, Perfect Italiano Perfect Bakes is your best choice. Full-flavoured Cheddar is mixed with Mozzarella for a beautiful stretch, and the addition of Parmesan gives a bite full of superior flavour.

Perfect for everything baked, Perfect Bakes helps you achieve that appealing golden-brown crust.

If you would like to create something new, try the Perfect Bakes and make your own delicious, appetizing pie dish with traditional Malaysian filling like Chicken Rendang.

Bake it with sliced potatoes and serve it as a pie. Your family or guests will be pleasantly surprised by the delectable one-of-a-kind dish.

Perfect Italiano Mexican Style is a blend of three quick-melting kinds of cheese – Mozzarella, Red Cheddar and Colby

Craving for something flavoursome and appetizing? Whip up tasty Mexican meals effortlessly with Perfect Italiano Mexican Style. A perfect blend of three quick-melting kinds of cheese – Mozzarella, Red Cheddar and Colby – enhances the flavours of Mexican cuisine, right in your kitchen.

This cheese blend is suitable for Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos, nachos, and tortillas. You can also add a local twist to it by adding it to Cheesy Ikan Bilis and Tempe Taco Bowl! That would make a cheesylicious snack to indulge in at home with your friends and family!


Perfect Italiano’s new range of cheese is available in major supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide

Perfect Italiano Perfect Pizza, Perfect Bakes, and Mexican Style cheeses (150g) are now available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.

Current Perfect Italiano products – Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Perfect Pizza (250g) are still selling hot in the market.

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