Drawing From Imagination To Create Tiny Worlds Of NFT Wonder

Taking Art To Another Level

Serah’s full art collection for the NFT

There has never been a curioser relationship than the one between the artist and their imagination. 

“How did they draw this?” we wonder. How were they even able to think of something like that? 

The process of transforming raw material into something new is fundamental to art. The artist has a gift of being able to access the crevices of their imagination and give form to the thoughts and ideas they find there.

Words become a paragraph. Shapes and colours form an image. A brushstroke becomes a painting. And a fertile imagination becomes… possibilities

Shiyu Serah is a Malaysian artist who stokes the imagination of her audience through gentle, watercolour lines and colour blending. 

“Harmony” is her latest work, a 60-piece collection of NFTs that is bound for the blockchain art sphere with. 

Wait, you ask. What’s NFT again?

The art pieces that were sold on NFT

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. Something that’s non-fungible is unique and has irreplaceable and non-exchangeable value. 

A bitcoin, for example, is fungible — you can trade one for another bitcoin and have exactly the same thing. 

NFT art, however, is one-of-a-kind. When you exchange an NFT with another, you’ll own something entirely different 

NFTs can be anything digital from drawings and music. And because it’ll always be the only one of its kind, bids on NFT art can soar into the hundreds and thousands. 

This exclusivity is what draws artists and art collectors alike to NFTs and this tech space is where Shiyu Serah will be selling “Harmony”.

Painted with watercolour and brought to life with animation on a computer, “Harmony” is a two-part collection featuring a total of 60 artworks. 

The first set of thirty is inspired by marine life (“Under the Sea”) and the second set is inspired by wildlife (“Animal”). 

The collections are set to release one after another throughout 2022 with the first set “Under The Sea” enjoying a debut exhibit at Beans Depot Cafe, Ara Damansara in late March — a delightful affair the LisAffair team had the privilege of attending.

Inside the foliage-themed cafe, “Harmony Under The Sea” stands out against the cafe’s dark green walls.

It is a six-foot line of whimsically-coloured sea creatures contained in beech-coloured frames.

The collection expresses the theme of harmony, reflected in the way the lines and colours blend, stroke by stroke, to create a psychedelic aquarium that houses its sea creature subject.

The array of repeating colours and lines immerses the viewer in a trippy whirlpool, buoyed by blending colours and a levitating sea creature for a company — reminiscent of geek culture’s portal travel.

Our favourite pieces were the sea turtle and dolphin.

You will notice that the sea creatures are missing their eyes; an intentional play by Shiyu Serah to minimise detail and spark curiosity about the nature of the painting’s inhabitant.

It adds a minimalist, expressionless charm to the creatures in the manner of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.

Each “Harmony” painting takes Shiyu Serah just twenty minutes to complete. 

No drafts were made or rough sketches were drawn beforehand — Shiyu Serah lifts off directly from her imagination onto paper with a brush. 

Final Thoughts

Video by Shiyu Serah

Shiyu Serah’s “Harmony” was a Sunday evening’s delight for us at LisAffair. 

The expressive lines and swirling colours were uplifting and we spent the rest of the evening discussing the prospects of Shiyu Serah’s potential as an artist. 

If you are an NFT collector, do give “Harmony” a look and see if it lights up your imagination too.

Also, don’t forget…

When you purchase a “Harmony” NFTs, Shiyu Serah will also send you its original watercolour painting allowing you to own both the NFT and original artwork.  

That’s twice exclusive. 

And a welcomed feature on your wall.

For more information about Serah, please check out her Facebook and website.

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