CHAGEE Unveils Its Brand New Osmanthus Long Jing Series

Discover The World’s Priciest And Finest Green Teas

CHAGEE Osmanthus Long Jing Series using the world’s priciest and finest green teas for this extraordinary brew

Prepare your taste buds for an exquisite adventure as CHAGEE Malaysia, the premium tea beverage brand, unveils its latest series of tea, the CHAGEE Osmanthus Long Jing Series – where the art of indulgence meets the elegance of luxury.

From a tea connoisseur to a casual tea drinker, this brand new series spots a specially designed cup featuring a creative interpretation of the unique green shades of the Long Jing tea leaves amidst the vibrant, yellow hues depicting the osmanthus flowers – all set to dazzle one’s senses and define their tea moments.

According to a study of tea statistics, Long Jing also known as the ‘Dragon Well’ tea is one of the world’s priciest and finest green teas.

Hailing from XiHu, Hangzhou, this Chinese green tea is meticulously processed, resulting in flat, sword-like leaves with a pale green hue – a true testament to the precision of pan frying that goes into making this extraordinary brew. 

Ng Jia Jun, Deputy General Manager of CHAGEE Malaysia said, “At CHAGEE, we believe in continuously innovating and crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our new Osmanthus Long Jing Series is not just a beverage; it’s an ode to indulgence, meant to be savoured with grace and elegance.”

“The Osmanthus Long Jing Series is a refreshing permanent addition to CHAGEE’s premium lineup and will be offered at 70 outlets across Malaysia. Its carefully blended tea leaves are packed with flavour and aroma that will fill you with the rich taste of green tea. With this series, we present the very essence of Long Jing tea – distinguished and truly exceptional, especially for tea lovers!” added Ng. 

The Osmanthus Long Jing Series presents three variations which include:
– Osmanthus Long Jing Milk Tea
Which offers a perfect blend of Long Jing tea with added fresh New Zealand milk.
Osmanthus Long Jing Pure Tea
  For a true green tea enthusiast, this tea captures the essence of pure, rich green tea.
Osmanthus Long Jing Macchiato
  Indulge in the creamy goodness of the classic Long Jing tea meets a modern twist via a layer of cheese foam on top.

Dive into the world of Long Jing with an exciting 20% discount on your second cup from 17 – 31 October 2023 and receive a complimentary limited edition Osmanthus Long Jing Perfume Card with every order made through CHAGEE’s Mini Program.

Join CHAGEE in this exquisite tea journey and elevate your moments with the new Osmanthus Long Jing Series.

Visit their website to learn more about CHAGEE Malaysia.  


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