Better Health with Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen Powder

A “Bear” Necessity To Looking Young

Better health with Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen Powder

Did you know that as you enter your 20s, your body’s natural collagen production starts to decrease by 1% every year? This leads to fine lines and wrinkles, dry and sagging skin, aches in the joints, and many other ageing symptoms that no one looks forward to!

Collagen is a vital part of us, making up 65% of the total protein in our bodies, yet it is still being overlooked by many. The good news is that you can easily replenish the loss of collagen, and one of the ways is by consuming supplements on a daily basis.

Back To Basics

Nutribear’s products, especially the Essential Fish Collagen, is made with the highest-quality grade ingredients and are not compromised with the use of heavy chemicals

Local brand NutriBear prides itself in offering the highest quality collagen with the simplest ingredients. They aim to break away from the traditional concept of collagen, by delivering their products without unnecessary claims.

What you get is premium collagen with rich, active, and natural ingredients that actually work. The founder of NutriBbear, Joo Chin Cheng, shares, “We let our collagen speak for itself by keeping things simple. Our products have no buffers and fillersjust pure, high-grade collagen.”

With a scientific approach combined with a dash of fun, NutriBbear has no doubt captured the attention of collagen users since their brand relaunch in 2017. You know there is no fluff when the people behind the brand believe in their products and are passionate about spreading awareness about the benefits of this wonderful ingredient.

A Real Difference

Keeping things simple and letting the product speaks for itself

For the past few years, Cheng has grown her business and developed the NutriBbear Essential Fish Collagen into a crowd’s favourite today. Extracted from the scales of freshwater fish, this hydrolysed collagen supplement contains higher amounts of amino acids than usual, which means a more noticeable difference in your health.

NutribBear’s products are all uniquely and scientifically formulated by a team of nutritionists and biotech scientists following tried and tested methods. This ensures that their products maintain a high standard of quality, and most importantly, show proven results.

It is no surprise then that customers of NutribBear have been coming back for more. Indeed, the excellence of their collagen products have left many of them in awe, and Cheng is enthused that the rave reviews they received have led to a sharp spike in sales, especially during the MCO period.

What is even more amazing about NutribBear Essential Fish Collagen is that it is free from the fishy smell that is usually present in most collagen products. Thanks to its QuickMix™ formula, the collagen can easily dissolve in any drink, thus absorbing better in your body.

“Our customers have been telling us that they now have clearer, smoother, younger-looking, and brighter skin,” enthuses Cheng. One customer even shared how her mom assumed she had changed her skincare, because of how remarkable the improvements were!

However, it is important to understand that changes do not happen overnight. It takes diligence to see results, but it will be worth the wait, just like another customer who has noticed less creaky joints and better complexion, after 3 weeks of taking a scoop of NutribBear Essential Fish Collagen daily.

For A Quality Lifestyle

Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen helps to strengthen joints and muscles which encourages a healthier lifestyle

Collagen products can be for anyone looking to enhance their health. “It is especially important for people above the age of 30 to consume collagen, but our products are actually suitable for anyone who understands the value of leading a quality life,” explains Cheng.

By including collagen in your diet, it helps to provide a youthful glow to the skin, making it great for people who have no time for complicated skin treatments. Besides that, it also provides a convenient way for people to maintain their health since collagen is packed with an abundance of nutrients with minimal calories.

It is easy to incorporate NutribBear’s collagen products into a busy lifestyle, by just adding a scoop to your drink every day. When you have a balanced collagen level, you can look forward to having stronger bones and joints, nourished hair, and brighter eyes, among other benefits.

The “Beary” Beginning

Cheng has pledged 5% of Nutribear sales to animal conservation, especially the bears on the brink of extinction

The idea of creating a collagen product came about when Cheng realised the importance of maintaining healthy skin when she was approaching her 30s. As a certified vet and fitness junkie, she has personally seen how collagen positively affects the body in many ways, for example, by increasing muscle strength and relieving joint pain.

During her research into health and supplement products, Cheng discovered that many collagen products that were sold in the market either contain additives that may be harmful or just did not have the right balance of ingredients for her health and skin.

What started out as a passion project has become a meaningful business that is rooted in two things close to Cheng’s heart. The first is hoping to inspire people to live their best lives, which is one of good health, physical fitness, and wellness.

The other is in the name of the brandyou guessed itbears! Cheng has an irrational love for bears, especially the fuzzy kinds, which explains her brand name and mascot. “I think bears represent strength, confidence, and courage. At the same time, they are playful and fun, which is great for my brand because it exudes these values,” she muses.

Her fondness for bears has led Cheng to pledge 5% from the sales of every NutriBear product to help save endangered species of bears. She has set herself a target of donating at least RM50,000 to animal conservation by the end of 2023.

When you get to improve your health while doing good, you can say you’re making a “paw-sitive” change!

For more information about Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen, please visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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