A Stronger Future With Real Life Experiences

The entrance to Matrix Global School

A Stronger Future With Real Life Experiences

Building a stronger future with real life experiences for our children is never easy. Children learned through playing and teachings. Academics are an essential for our kids, so does creativity! Academic helps to build the fundamentals of a subject. However, creativity will guide and improve their soft-skills such as:

  • Problem-solving.
  • Learning languages.
  • Be able to communicate.
  • Improve social skills.
  • Thinking-outside-of-the-box.
  • Being a team player.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Adaptability.

Children may pick up soft-skills through activities and extra-curriculum. Yet, many schools are lacking in arts, music and exercise classes. These are some of the activities which involved soft-skills.

Nonetheless, schools are starting to incorporate additional activities into their timetable. Using out-of-the-class teachings which help their students to learn and understand a subject from a different perspective. Our current school ‘system’ such as lining up, sitting in rows, giving out timetables is a 200-year-old Victorian-style system.

Matrix Global Schools

Matrix Private School (MPS) and Matrix International School (MIS)

Matrix Global Schools is a 20 acres campus and established in 2014. The campus includes:

  • Matrix International Pre-School (MIPS).
  • Matrix International School (MIS).
  • Matrix Private School (MPS).
  • Football and rugby field.
  • A sports complex for indoor activities.
  • Boarding house.

From far, their campus is mistaken for a mosque due to its beautiful bronze domes. Its architecture design is unique with European style high columns, white walls, and spaciousness.  The school’s philosophy is to challenge their students to be intellectually and persistently curious, responsive, committed, and expressive towards their (students) ideals.

Introduction To Matrix Global Schools

The School’s Famous Bronze Domes

Together with a group of bloggers and their kids, we were given a tour around the campus organised by Matrix Global Schools. The tour started off with an introduction to Matrix Global Schools. Their principal, Ms Denise Sinclair gave us insights about Matrix Global Schools, their mission, vision and system. Currently, the schools have 120 teachers and 1,000 plus students.

As the school offers boarding facilities, parents may choose between weekly or monthly boarding. They have more than 400 boarding dorms with tight security. Students who are enrolled in the boarding facilities are given an early opportunity to be independent. Starting them young by building a stronger future with real life experiences. Matrix Global Schools will be launching their 6th Form curriculum in September this year.

Ms Denise Sinclair, Principal of Matrix Global Schools

A Stronger Future With Real Life Experiences

The Fully Functional Kitchen

The little ones were whisked off to the school’s kitchen or Living Skill Lab, and learned to make pizzas. The Living Skill Lab is very well equipped and the utensils, cabinets, dishwasher were all kid’s friendly. Eventually, The Living Lab looks so cute due to the miniature size items. Students are taught on non-academics subjects such as drama, arts, music and physical education too!

The kids enjoying their Pizza

Students have opportunities to learn from out-of-class lessons. These lessons and activities will guide them to a stronger future with real life experiences, and exposed to soft-skills. School sessions start from 8 am to 3 pm daily. After that, students are given a choice to choose an extra-curriculum or an activity which is compulsory.

A Tour Around The Campus

Our tour continues once the little ones finished their pizzas. We were shown to the campus library. The upper floor is meant for secondary students and the lower floor is for primary students. The library is spacious with lots of natural sunlight, and there’s a cosy little corner where many of us would love to chill out with a book.

The Cosy Corner with bean bags and the bright, spacious lower floor for primary students

Along the tour, we were lead to the Private and International Schools’ classrooms. According to Ms Sinclair, for MPS each classroom will have 25 students. As for MIS, it will be 20 students in one class. This is to monitor each student’s progression and teachers may assist them on their weaknesses.

All the classrooms are neat, spacious and bright. As for their art and music classes, it’s fully equipped with crafts, paints, musical instruments, and sound system.

One of the art classes

Matrix International Pre-School (MIPS) is open to children from 3 to 6 year-olds. Their classrooms are filled with crafts, colourful drawing, and paintings to help prepare them for their primary years. These little pre-schoolers has their own playroom! There is a slide, mini treehouse, a TV-set and a giant snake-and-ladder game. Our group of little one were having a fun time at the playroom, too!

Fun and Games, the MIPS playroom

Before our tour ends, we were lead to their auditorium and sports complex. The campus has few auditoriums with the largest which can fit 400 people. As for their sports complex, they have a number of badminton courts. The canteen is overlooking their huge football and rugby field. Their outdoor sports activities such as wall climbing, futsal, the basketball court are located at the end of the field.

Their huge football and Rugby Feild

At the end of our tour, we were served with light refreshments before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. It was a wonderful tour and the campus is really huge. Another thing which we noticed was that every classroom, they had many large windows to let in natural sunlight. Natural sunlight gives the rooms a bright and welcoming feel.

Many new schools are developing throughout Klang Valley and Matrix Global Schools can be considered for those who which to enrol their kids in private or international school. Both MPS and MIS offered academic and non-academic subjects, as one of the campus’ uniqueness is ‘Our Lessons Are For Life’! Students are exposed to different life skills which will lead them to build a stronger future with real life experiences!

For more information about Matrix Global Schools programmes or enrollment, please log on to their website or Facebook.




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