A Second Chance in Life By Selling Used Bras

Donate Your Old Bras For A Good Cause
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The Dreaded Disease 

Almost on a daily basis, we’ve heard about someone is battling the dreaded disease of cancer. Moreover, it’s getting common as well. A survey shows that 15% of Malaysians are at risk of getting cancer before the age of 75. The number is alarming, however, we need to educate ourselves on how we may reduce our chances and what can we do to support those who are in need.

Neubodi is running another Bra Drive charity event from 5 Oct to 5 Nov 2017. This event is to create awareness about breast cancer and how we can help the community. Eventually out of 100,000 people, a small percentage of men are diagnosed with breast cancer.

A Second Chance in Life By Selling Used Bras

Cheque Presentation From through Funds From Pedal Forward to Breast Cancer Welfare Association of Malaysia (BCWA).

Neubodi Charity Drive called Bra Drive was launched in 2013 with the notion of benefiting women and survivors who were saved from the sex trade. This will give these women a second chance in life by selling used bras. The donated bras allow these women to earn a proper living by selling it to those in poverty.

Neubodi worked closely with NGOs such as Free The Girls and Asha Nepal by providing survivors with an opportunity to earn a living by selling gently-used bras in second-hand clothing markets.

Women who are living in a challenging environment will benefit from second-hand essential items such as bras. The bras offer comfort and build their confidence.

Bra Drive does not only offers a new lease of life for these women but, to Mother Nature as well!

This Bra Drive is to encourage women to donate their unwanted bras. According to Neubodi, 1 in 4 women in Malaysia owned more than 10 pairs of bras. Which is a lot and imagine the landfill of unwanted undergarments!

Donate, Support, Recycle

Show Your Support By Donating An Unwanted Bra Today.


As we had shared earlier, donated bras offer women living in challenging circumstances a second chance in life by selling used bras. These bras will be selected and divided according to their quality or grade.

Those bras which are still of good quality will be packed and shipped to communities within Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, India and South Africa. These are the few beneficiaries of Neubodi’s Bra Drive campaign.


On 7 October, Neubodi partner with BCWA and MyStartr for a cycling campaign, Pedal Forward with Neubodi. This campaign is to raise awareness because men too are exposed to breast cancer. Pedal Forward campaign has celebrities and public figures participating in this fund-raising event.

For the first time in Malaysia, funds are raised through crowdfunding. This platform was provided by MyStartr, the largest crowdfunding service provider in Malaysia. Pedal Forward ambassadors help to raise breast cancer awareness and to garner support from the public in the form of donations.

Pedal Forward goal is to raise RM 100,000.00 for BCWA.

RM 10 will be donated to BCWA for every pink bra purchased from Neubodi’s Go Pink Collection.  These funds are to assist breast cancer patients with their recovery.


Bad conditioned second-hand bras are usually thrown into landfills. Neubodi partnering with Life Line Clothing aims to reduce landfill issues in Malaysia. Raw materials from bras are converted into reusable solid fuel. These solid fuels are used to power industrial boilers and generators.

How Bras Are Recycled.

Raw materials derived from the bras are:

  • Spandex.
  • Nylon.
  • Metal wire.
  • Plastics.

Neubodi seeks to be the key textile player to build a greener Malaysia!

About Neubodi

Neubodi Outlet At Encorp Strand.

Founded by Ms Anne Tan in 2008, Neubodi is the first bra fitting specialist brand in Malaysia to educate women with the right knowledge and services on proper bra fitting. Each bra go through 45 stages of assembly with over 60 different parts of materials are tested, crafted, fitted and stitched to create the perfect fit!

Neubodi’s collection ranges from comfy innerwear, lingerie care products, and sportswear line with over 600 different sizes, colours and designs.

Currently, there are 10 retail outlets within Malaysia.

  • Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre.
  • Bangsar Village II.
  • Empire Shopping Gallery.
  • Encorp Strand.
  • Gurney Plaza.
  • Imago Shopping Mall.
  • Mid Valley Megamall.
  • One Utama Shopping Centre.
  • Vivacity Mall.
  • Suria Sabah Shopping Centre.

For more information about Neubodi, please log on to their website and Facebook.





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