A Grand Launch for ENTIER

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The Beauty Industry in Malaysia

A grand launch for Entier, a new Malaysian skincare brand founded by Mr James Siow and his wife Sherrie Low. Many local beauty brands are making waves in the beauty industry lately. And it’s not a surprise why. 

The beauty industry is a multi-billion industry worldwide. In Malaysia, the personal care segment alone garnered RM 1.15 billion in 2018!

Currently, local Malaysian brands are on the rise. Our export trade rose by 100% in June 2018 compared to June 2017. Many of our home grown brands are made popular by celebrities, influencers and through social media.

Understanding of Our Skin

Applying sunblock is another part of our daily skin care routine

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it serves as a layer of protection of our overall being. Skin ageing is, however, unavoidable as we grow older especially after we hit our 30s. Coupled with the current lifestyle that prioritises everything else apart from ourselves, skin ageing becomes more apparent. Stress, lack of sleep, eating at irregular times, smoking, the over-consumption of caffeine, alcohol and sugar, among others, contribute to the quick deterioration of our skin.

Among all that are listed, stress is one of the major factors that can cause accelerated skin ageing. Stress causes a chemical response that affects the skin to ineffectively repair itself. It causes frequent breakouts as the sebaceous gland is constantly prompted to produce extra oil. Hence, it is extremely important that everyone takes great care of their skin. For those in need of in-depth understanding of skin care and the regimen involve, a good beautician will be the perfect person to go to for advice.

A Grand Launch for ENTIER

Skin care range from ENTIER

In 2010, ReJeune (M) Sdn Bhd was officially launched by the founding CEO Mr James Siow and his wife Sherrie Low, with the passion of transforming beauty and health focusing onMeridian therapy and health nutritional supplements. In less than a year, the team secured a foothold in major states/cities in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Currently, the company has a strong distribution channel of more than 100 beauty salons, active customers of over 100,000 strong, and achieving an outstanding revenue of more than RM 80 million in merely 8 years.

Today, the same key personnel from the brand has evolved the company into Entier Bhd. Entier brand has expanded the strategic business models with the solutions to overcome current business owners’ challenges and developed a revolutionized O2O business platform for the Beauty, Slimming & Health industry. They are offering high-quality, science-backed products from strong credentials R&D and manufacturing partners. Entier’s products and supplements are produced in carefully selected facilities with international certifications such as GMP, FDA, ECOCERT and more.

Entier’s O2O business solution platform offers their business partners with one-on-one coaching with customer care professionals comprising of certified products specialists, medical consultants in the field of nutritional medicine, aesthetic and dermatology, Chinese medicine and naturopathy; legal advisers, motivational trainers, and a team of more than 20 medical practitioners to assist the health and beauty business strategic partners to inspire their customers to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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