5 Secrets for a Powerful Press Release

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Many printed media has ceased operations due to digitalisation and the pandemic.

A press release is the most fundamental document needed when approaching the media. Here are 5 secrets for a powerful press release for capturing the media’s attention.

Without a proper press release, the media would not know who you are, what is your brand, products and services are about.

The current media landscape in Malaysia is shrinking. As a result, the media are receiving tons of press releases daily. How can you prepare a press release which will attract the media’s attention?

Know Your Objectives

Know what are the reasons you are preparing the press release for.

Whether it’s an anniversary, product launching, new outlet opening, etc. You need to know what are your objectives or reasons for preparing a press release.

Prepare your press release according to your objectives. Keep the content straightforward, in simple English and forgo the jargons. Stay focus, give as many details as possible and it doesn’t need to be creative.

Keep it in an educational method and remain with 3 objectives only for each press release.

Catchy Headlines

Have catchy headlines to make your press release stands out.

Once you have your objectives to prepare a press release, think of a catchy headline to capture the media’s attention. As the media is piled with plenty of press releases daily, you want them to spot yours immediately.

Here, you may be as creative as you want, but remained focus!

Apart from been spotted by the media, your catchy headline will attract readers once it is published. This something the media wants as well. To generate traffic to their website or people buying their printed copies.

And, you want the public to share your features so it may reach your right target audiences.


Stay clear with your objectives so your press release is not confusing.

As mentioned earlier on, stay focus on your objectives. Refrained from adding too many details in the press release. This will be confusing to the media as you do not have a clear focus.

Stay clear with 3 objectives only. Here are the 3 solutions on how to stay focus:

  • Highlight your main objective first.
    Is it a launch, a special introduction, outlet opening, etc. Elaborate the reasons and why.
  • What’s next or plans.
    Here, you may add what’s next such as additional products or services you want to mention, explaining your plans or your next move.
  • About the founder or company.
    Basically, who are the people behind the brand or organisation. It is an ‘about us’ in the last section of the press release.

Before you end your press release, add in your company’s contact, email, website, social media and who is the person in charge. This allows the media or the public to call for further enquiries.

Clear Pictures

Clear pictures are important as it carries your image.

You need clear pictures for your press release. This is to enhance your feature, branding and pictures are another way to capture a person’s attention. There is a reason why the phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words.”

Keep your pictures at:

  • 1MB for online channels.
  • 3MB for printed media such as magazines and newspaper.

You need your pictures to be clear as it highlights your objectives. If it’s a product-focused, make sure it has a clear background. If it’s an event, keep the picture focus on the photo-opt moments.

Should your pictures’ resolutions are too low, the media may forgo the picture or using another picture as a replacement. The media will avoid printing your picture because it will be pixellated. This will cause you to lose your company’s branding and image.

Avoid messy background in your pictures. Coloured pictures are the best for all media channels. Have at least 3 – 5 pictures so the media have different options.

Another point to remember, named the people, events and products in those pictures. Make sure the spelling are correct as you do not want the media to misspelt it.

It is advisable to invest in a proper photographer to capture your pictures. The pictures will belong to you and your company, reusable, and professional looking.

If possible, avoid using pictures from the internet. You do not want to use pictures that other brands are using as it will confuse your target audience. Moreover, pictures from the internet may have copyright. So, check out the details before you use it.

Know The Media

Understanding the media will help you to pin-point which media suit your brand.

You NEED to understand who are the media.

There are many local media:
– Printed media: newspaper and magazines.
– Digital media: online TV, radio, websites.
– Outdoor media: billboards, LED screens, banners, signboards.
– Traditional TV and radio channels.
– Influencers: Bloggers, celebrities, industry leaders, etc.
– Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc.

Before selecting your media channels, do study your target audiences and what are their interest. This way, you may select the right media channels to send your message through.

Once you have all the details and selections, know which department or section that suits your brand. Your objectives, target audience and brand directions will determine which section your press release is supposed to send to.

The media has many sections as well:

  • Hobbies, sports, cars, etc.
  • Parenting and family.
  • Lifestyle, retail, shopping, fashion, beauty.
  • Business, HR, finance, economy.
  • F&B and cooking.
  • News, politics, trending news.
  • Entertainment and tabloids.

Finally, you may compile your press kit which includes your press release and pictures. It is your choice on how you want the press kit to be delivered, either by hand or through email.

Should you choose to deliver by hand, do send a soft copy of the press release and pictures to the media as well.

Conclusion – 5 Secrets for a Powerful Press Release

5 secrets for a powerful press release.

If you have sent your press release by hand, feel free to follow up with the media via an email or call to check if they receive it. If it’s been sent by email, do follow up after 1 week.

However, be prepared if the media calls to ask for further enquiries. Make sure the person in charge is aware once the press kit is sent. Should the PIC is not available, let media know who else can they liaise with.

Do reply the media ASAP as they have already scheduled your details to be featured. If not, give them a date on when you may get back to them on the additional information.

With these 5 secrets for a powerful press release, it will capture the media’s attention.

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