1st QEM Convention: Disrupt Or To Be Disrupted

Panelist Session – Disrupting Your Industry

The Business Landscape in Malaysia

Talented entrepreneurs are emerging in Malaysia, and this group of entrepreneurs played an important role in our local business industry with their strong presence and contributions within the economy. Malaysian entrepreneurs are being recognized from both locally and globally whereby, we are listed as one of the top start-up hub. Currently, Malaysian government are encouraging and supporting women entrepreneurs.

QUEST Entrepreneurs Mastery Convention

 Guest of Honour, En. Norhizam Abdul Kadir,  Vice President Growth Ecosystem Development Division of MDEC

QUEST Entrepreneurs Mastery Convention is an annual event dedicated to the Malaysia’s entrepreneurs.  Their objectives are to motivate, inspire and guide entrepreneurs toward greater success, especially start-ups. This convention is organize exclusively by QUEST Promotions Sdn. Bhd. and presented by QUEST Entrepreneur Mastery Club (QEMC).

This large-scale convention gathers top, successful entrepreneurial mentors and business coaches (of local and international caliber) to share their knowledge of expertise, providing guidance and inspiration. The invited speakers and mentors are masters of their respective profession, equipped with in-depth knowledge, and market insights.

Few of the panel speakers and mentors are:

  • Ahyat Ishak, Serial Entrepreneuer
  • Evelyn Ch’ng, Founder of Emage Style Consultancy
  • Andreas Vogiatzakis, CEO of HAVAS Media Group
  • KC See, Founder and CEO of Quest Group
  • Wayne Lim, Group CEO/Group Chief Editor of Malaysia SME
(From Left to Right) Mr. Andrew Tan, Mr. Gan Teck Hooi, Ms. Evelyn Ch’ng, Mr. Victor Bong, and Dr. Janson Ang

As “key Opinion Leaders” within their own industry, the panel speakers and mentors were discussing on few topics such as:

  • Critical Success Factors for Business
  • The Future of Marketing
  • Disrupting Your Industry
  • Practical Innovations

This convention was attended by guest of honour En. Norhizam Abdul Kadir, Vice President Growth Ecosystem Development Division of MDEC, official partners Ambank and UEM Sunrise Berhad, members of the media, supporting partners, invited guests and soon-to-be entrepreneurs.

Mr. Ivan Yap Ambank Group – Ms. Heida Hew (left), Ms. Brenda Lam, and Mr. Tiew Hock Chuan

QUEST Entrepreneurs Mastery Convention was launched on 15 Feb 2017 at Jardin Coffee & Tea. This press launch was attended by the members of the media, invited panel of speakers, mentors and guests.

Mr. Ivan Yap & Mr. KC See with the panel of Speakers

Quest Promotions Sdn. Bhd.

QUEST Promotions Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary and operating partner of The Quest Learning Group (QSC ASIA), which is a leading results-based talent development consulting firm in Asia with 32 years of experience in helping their clients of various industries to improve their (client’s) performance, productivity and profits through training, coaching, consulting and e-learning technology. Currently. they have established strong footholds within Asia, with offices operating in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

The Brand

QUEST Entrepreneur Mastery (QEM) is an initiative established to gather a targeted group of business owners and/or entrepreneurs in business conventions, workshops and networking sessions to share their knowledge, experience and networking
which bring values to the business community and industry.
 QEM believed in a triple win policy, benefitting not only their partners and sponsors,
 but also participants, who will gain new insights to specific areas of interests while attending QEM events.

One of the Networking Sessions



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